Saturday, July 27, 2013

Displease and updates

Hey readers! What's up!(: Just gonna start of by updating abit on what i have been doing recently and why can't you find my Facebook account. Firstly, i have been really busy with my school work , tuitions, tests, and for my anniversary with my dear boyfriend. Really lots of upcoming tests and haven really got a chance to rest and to take a break from anything. That is also why i did not have the time to blog. The next thing is about my FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! So, some of you may wonder why my Facebook account went missing, or just can't seems to find.

Reason being:

* I have many things to do, and if i keep going on Facebook, i will not be able to concentrate.( Okay, this does not sounds like me.. )

But anyway, sometimes coming to think of how Facebook cannot let users have unlimited amounts of changes for names, and having many other issues about name, fake name, fake account so on, i get really frustrated. So now, i am left with TWITTER and INSTAGRAM (: ! So, do still follow me on twitter and instagram , and do not bother finding me on Facebook as i have no Facebook account nor do i plan on having one again.

Updates About Last Sunday

Last sunday, really did surprised me because my grandma cook more than usual and even cook dishes that i like and of my likings. It was really delicious and i did not try the curry as i do not like "mixing my food" up . What i meant was, there was yong tau foo soup and curry. One is plain soup, the other is of spiciness. Therefore, i chose to eat yong tau foo because it was much more of my liking. Additionally, i am not that fond of eating or taking spicy food. Let me show you guys a picture of the yong tau foo dish!

Doesn't it look irresistible?! Yong tau foo consists of many other ingredients other than fish balls. My school do also sell yong tau foo, not really that nice or up to expectation. The noodles given were also of little. But it was not that bad. In the sense that, other stalls, like the japanese stall and the malay stall, or mixed rice stalls. They gave so little portion, yet it was charged at a expensive and unreasonable price!

Shall continue on with my grandma's dishes.. So here is the curry i am talking about! Usually, my grandma's curry isn't that spicy, but that day she cook it in a way that was more spicy than usual! So out of the two kinds i chose yong tau foo. KEKE.

There was of course other dishes like pork, fried potatoes,so on. The picture at the bottom is char siew or in chinese known as- Which is the one in red. Whereas, the one in white is the roasted pork , or known as. I did not take the roasted pork, as i not only find it oily but also find it FATTENING! So, i took the char siew instead.

The one at the bottom is the fried potatoes! Talking about these potatoes, my grandma tried to fry it like french fries, but she say no matter how she fry, it just doesn't work. Hmm. Which let to me suspecting how french fries actually work.. It did not work if you cut the potatoes and fry it on your own. But it did work if you buy those potatoes from the supermarkets and fry it on your own.

Egg Tart Reviews

Okay, so it was me and my boyfriend's anniversary. So i decided to make something for him, instead of buying for him. In this way, more sincere right?! HAHA. So i decided to try making egg tarts for him, since it was one of his favourite food. I told him that what he like to eat is really a difficult task to do, but what i like to eat, seems rather easy. He knew i like sushi so he make sushi for me :] TEEHEE. So we kind of had a "food exchange" day on the day we celebrated. Sounds like racial harmony..:/ It was my first time baking egg tarts according to this recipe, but it was not my first time making egg tars. However, the last time i make egg tarts was probably during my primary school days. I have always like baking and cooking. I have no idea why. I just like to eat. But apart from that, i like to create and decorate my own dishes. I even cooked 3 dishes + 1 soup lunch meal for my family. Also known as. It was a variety of food, but i pretty much enjoy the cooking process! (: So back to the topic on egg tarts.. I spent about 2 1/2 hours making those egg tarts but it was fun and i learn many things from it. So let me show you the appearance of the egg tart before i popped it in the oven.

This was basically how the egg tart looks before i popped it in the oven. It look as if it had already been baked right? Because of the inner custard that does not seems to be a liquid but it looks rather 'solid' right? The bottom picture is when i placed all my egg tarts in the oven and wait for it to be ready. I apologised if the picture is not clear enough, but the baking processed was definitely a very exciting one. After this egg tart baking process, it make me think that it takes just a few seconds to put it in your mouth and finish it up within a few bites, but the process of making this whole things takes up a few hours!

So i am guessing that everyone wants to know how it turns out to look right? Here is the picture of the first batch of egg tarts baked. There are a few that puffed up and formed a really nice shape, whereas some kind of sink down.. But the appearance just stands half the percentage of how people would want to judge my egg tarts. The other half is of course the taste of it. I did pray and pray that it will taste nice. And it really did end up nicely for me. It taste great! I guess someone can sponsor me to open a bakery shop. HEHE :D

The picture at the bottom is my second batch of egg tarts, compared to the first one, i learnt from my mistake and make adjustment accordingly. Comparing to the first one, don't the first one, in term of appearance look a little more awful compared to the second batch of freshly baked egg tarts?

So, i packed the egg tarts nicely into the containers and gave my boyfriend the next day that we are supposed to meet. He was surprised by my appearance and how i dressed up on that day. HAHA. Sorry to scare you. But since it was a celebration together, i have to dress up nicely, don't i ? You dressed up appropriately too.

I make his favourite egg tarts- which tasted good. And he make my favourite sushi, which kind of tasted a little bland but i did accepted his efforts, and it was his first time doing all of this on his own. There were not only "kani kama maki" - which is crab meat sushi, but he also tried making my favourite california roll! Appreciate all these done by him. Not only that, he even fold me 99 roses. I was touched when i saw every little effort make by him. So sweet of him.

He calls those red little fish eggs, MONSTER SEEDS. Okay, i have no idea how those looked like monster seeds, but to him it looks like that, so pretty much.. NO COMMENT!

On my birthday, this year; he gave me REAL roses. This time, he wanted to be more sincere by giving me the roses that he fold by himself. On my birthday, he gave me many surprisesand brought me to a restaurant to have this very special and wonderful dinner. He gave me 17 roses on the day of my birthday! The meaning of 17 roses is "You are my wife". At that moment, i was touched and having totally mixed up feelings. So i did not really find out the meaning. This time, he gave me 99 roses! So the meaning for that is "I will love you as long as i live." He wanted to give me 88 roses as he was sorry for what he have done that cause me to be disappointed. But at the end, seeing that he done so much for me, looking at his efforts, i feel touched. I feel that i should give him one more chance. This time, i hope he really change.

Here Is Some Words For You..

My dear boy, thank you for everything you have done for me. You are a good boyfriend. Except that sometimes you overlooked certain things or tend to be too excited and carelessly forgot about certain things. Please be moreand caring! Girls need all these to feel that she is secure being with you. Anyway, i really appreciate what you have done for me. Your efforts, your sincerity, everything. I know during this period of time we have gone through difficult times and having lots of obstacles that is kind of unclear-able. But we have gone through those difficult times and hope that we go on as happily as we can aye.

Talking So Much About The Yesterday's Topic, It Make Me Really Angry As I Am Not able To Have A Proper Dinner Due To That Ass Boyfriend Off Mine That Is NotEnough, That Make Me Walked Under The Rain And Even Walked On Those "not Proper" road. Adding To It, The Restaurant Was So Irresponsible And Have Such A Bad Service. When We Reached There, They Told Us That The Reservation Dinner Have To Be outdoor instead Of indoor. Like Seriously What?! We Make A Reservation indoor yet We Have To Change To outdoor instead. Like Why?! Due To events. Even If There Is Event, Should Have At Least Called Up And Check If We still insist With The Reservations And If We Are Fine With It. Not Wait Till We Are There Than Inform Us About It. Was Really Furious About How Irresponsible They Can Be. So, In The End, We Gave Up And Look For Another Restaurant. We Reached And Ordered Immediately. One Of The Food Ordered Was The Teriyaki chicken with Wedges. ( Pardon About The Drink At The Other Corner Of The Picture And My Boyfriend's Phone And His Wallet! ) HAHA. The chicken was Quite Okay, Except that it Was A Little Salty.

While he ordered this for himself. Somewhat BIG burger with nachos. He was complaining that the burger tasted horrible and there was i laughing away. His friend even saw him holding my hand while talking to me. What a moment. LOL .

So here is us. Don't we look alike? HEHE. Sometimes, i feel like we looked like siblings. HAHAHA.Iloveyou luhh!

And about what i have posted a month back, if i am not wrong, i stated that i will show you guys a sneak preview of my boyfriend and my photoshoot snap shot right? So here is one! (:

Do we look cute? It looks like we are praying, but i like this picture because there is this special feeling when both of us held our hands together and our heads sticks together. This picture make me feels lots of LOVE. And yes. Of course, we love each other a lot, no matter how much we quarrel. Sometimes, we can be abit, but in our hearts we still care. We still feel that hurt whenever we quarrel. Couples will not always have their happy moments. We are also the same as well. We also have our unhappy side apart from our happy side.

So to end off, i am really very full! Because i ate so much from macdonald. Trust me, till now i am full. First time i didn't complain i am hungry after such a long time. My tummy is looks so big, like as if i am a pregnant lady or someone with a fat belly. EWW. GROSS.

Important Add-ons:

I have learnt one thing. That is "Never ignore a person who loves you and cares for you, because one day you might wake up and realize you lost the moon while counting stars."Through all these quarrels, i have learnt to cherish my dear boyfriend even more. Because when you really love someone, age, distance, height, weight, is just a damn number. Although, i am selfish and jealous type but I kinda like someone who gets jealous and protective but still trusts me. Because once I'm yours, I'm yours. I'll stay committed to you, and only you. No one else. Many people tends to face one problem, that is "Right person, wrong time. Right time, wrong person. New person, old lines. Old person, new lies. Life won't go the way you want it to be. Human ain't perfect. Missing my boyfriend.And I just want one day with you. 24 hours. 1440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. Just you and me. We get to do whatever we want. NO INTERFERENCE.Shall sign off now(: Goodnighty!
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