Sunday, February 2, 2014

Best Older Kids' Lit 1964

Last year, I made a list of my . (Or, as my local bookstore puts it, Intermediate Readers.) As I mentioned at the time, 1963 was a transitional year between the relatively complacent Fifties and the more rebellious Sixties. The same is true of 1964 -- on this list of my 12 favorite novels for older kids from that transitional year, you'll find themes foreshadowing the "problem YA" novels of the later 1960sbut it's all still in good fun. Which is the way I prefer kids' books.

Fifty years after their publication, these 12 books remain relevant and enthralling; I hope that new readers enjoy them as much as I have.


Haven't written a post for a while!

I've been busy. I've been through the process of adopting a rescue dog. We went to visit a rescue dog and she was beautiful but she was so nervous.. And my stepdad made the executive decision that really we'd need to adopt a puppy so we could train it and get it used to our other animals from a young age. And he's right.

Exploring books!

My two little ones love to read.I read somewhere that one of the best indicators of academic success, and success full stop, is how much children are read to when their little.Chickpea has loved being read to since she was around 9 months old.She would point at the bookcase and grunt and I knew that she wasn't finished, she wanted another one.It took Monkey a bit longer but he is well and truly into it now and will sit on the couch for ages looking at books and takes me to the bookcase several times a day shouting, "Book!Book!"So our bookcases are now full and we try to get to the library once a week.I hope they can continue their love of learning and reading throughout their life- well, that's the goal!


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Legends of Asgard

Legends of Asgard: is a browser game published by GleeCode, a Shanghai-based game company behind games such as , . The game was originally published by YouJoy, followed by GameBox and DovoGame. Legends of Asgard can be considered a new server of the game with a different title and publisher while most of the game are still the same as the game offered at its first server.


Gungrave [Animated Series]

This is a series I need to find time to rewatch as it has a constant dark presence over your typical quiet hero protagonist. It is similar to Berserk as far as personality and the theme it aims for. From the creators of Trigun I can see their style in some of the concept design. A worthwhile series that stands well on its own separate from Trigun.

Brandon Heat and his friend Harry are orphans on the streets surviving by thieving and other means. They soon gain the attention of high rise gangsters and gradually move up the chain of command. Throughout the series we see their friendship tested and evolve to become something neither of them truly saw coming. Betrayal is the main theme, but the series also includes survival through gaining power and the question of how long before it finally corrupts.