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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia notion Seljord worm is known from Seljordsvannet in Telemark,

We've had a couple of stories about sea monsters former saa ha well we can mention a little bit about some of the most well-known and lesser-known around the world, ranging from Wikedia and other places ..... Are there more things in heaven and earth than we think?

Nessie "is an alleged sea monster that will be in Loch Ness in Scotland. There have been several attempts to track down any monster, without any further result. Watching once went over with sonar, there were two markers that were not there anymore of those you had posted. coastal law It is speculated that local merchants, who serve well to legend, has helped with some of the "slots" for the monster. The legend of St. Columba [According to legend was an Irish priest, Columba, in the year 565 to Scotland to convert the Picts, the native population. He walked with his company along the banks of Loch Ness, then the monster stuck its head above water. Columba made the sign of the cross against the Sea Monster and said "depart from me." This should have convinced the Picts that Columba god was stronger coastal law than their worth and to repent of. St Columba met otherwise two monsters at Loch Ness, taken from Scottish coastal law superstition: coastal law A kelpie, who swam in the water and attack humans, interpreted as Nessie, and the water horse, who assumed the guise of a horse with saddle and harness, until someone put on it. Then it went with them down to the depths and devoured them. [1] Recent times Inverness Courier reported in 1868 on a colossal coastal law fish in Loch Ness, but first reported in 1933 Mr. and Mrs. MacKay about a giant creature they had seen in the lake for over a minute. [2] In 1933, the state built a road along Loch Ness, and many claimed that the noise from the construction woke sea serpent. Bertram Mills who ran a circus

based in London, offered a fortune to anyone who could capture the monster for his circus. coastal law It has also been suggested that Nessie was actually elephants from a traveling circus that took a swim in Loch Ness. [3] In 1934, Dr. Robert Wilson took the first photograph of Nessie. 12 March 1994 revealed the London Sunday Telegraph story about the picture. It was not taken by Dr Wilson, who just put their name in order to create credibility in the matter. Christian Spurling who died in the autumn of 1993, is said to have admitted his role in the joke when he was in the past. The photo was actually taken by Spurling stepbrother, Ian Wetherell. Wetherell's father, Marmaduke ("Duke") Wetherell, was sent by the Daily Mail to find the beast, and made the image using a Toy Submarine. [4] Before he had likewise made "footprint" for the monster using a stuffed neshornfot. As early as December coastal law 7th 1975, Sunday Telegraph printed an article about falsification. Here Ian Wetherell told how they had been involved through to a small inlet, where the tiny ripples in the water would be like big waves out on the lake. "So coastal law it was just pulling up the submarine and get it to dive just below the surface, so the neck and head elicited a proper little V in the water." This revelation provoked, however, no more attention. [5] In February 2011 it was a picture of Loch Ness by a beast with humps, which has been observed several times in the past five years and is known as "Bownessie." This picture was taken with mobile phone and it can be fixed on using Photoshop. [6] Nessie can not be a mammal, then these need to be constantly up to the surface to breathe, and the temperature of Loch Ness is too low for reptiles. A picture shows something resembling a plesiosaur. In that case, Nessie was the world's last plesiosauer. [11] Fish do not like Nessie's coastal law alleged appearance. In 2001, pointed out the Italian geologist Luigi Piccardi that Loch Ness is just across the Great Glen Fault, which geologically coastal law is Scotland's most active area, and caused a major earthquake in 1901. The major earthquake that laid Lisbon in ruins in 1755, spread coastal law themselves through the Great Glen to Loch Ness as a small tidal wave. Less movements in the earth's crust under the sea can result in the emission of gases that can create big bubbles and waves on the lake's surface. coastal law There are more than 3,500 reports that people have "seen" Nessie, but according to Dr Piccardi involves most of the reports is not about any view, but the loud splashing and violent waves, phenomena that can be explained coastal law by occasional activity in the fault below. In his opinion, was not the monster Picts own invention, but the hippocampus (by Ippo = horse kampos = sea monster) we meet in Greek mythology, and draws cart to sea - and earthquake god Poseidon. Seljord Ormen

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia notion Seljord worm is known from Seljordsvannet in Telemark, and adorn Seljord coat of arms. Seljord worm alleged to be one of dragon or sea serpent, that is a large sea creatures known from folklore and mythology. Seljord worm, according to popular belief, a lake or of dragon coastal law that is e
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