Friday, July 26, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1.I'm still finding my way around the new gmail program . . .

2.There are some google+ people with rockin' blogs beyond my comment capacity - ah, this world promises us change, doesn't it.

3.When i was in University, my nickname was Picasso.Lately I've been playing with art supplies when i have time.I'd forgotten how satisfying it can be.

4.I've been home, takin' it easy for a couple of days.It's almost time to take out the sewing machine and make another monster.Not today, though.

5.. . . . . has told us there is an - She has offered so many nifty things to make life sparkle - I'm gonna join in . . . how about you???

Today i am playing with Nancy and some of her other friendsat:.

love & love,-g-
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