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Snarked! Vol. 1-3

And so it was that Roger Langridge thought he would tell a tale.

He'd draw some pretty pictures and then put it up for sale.

He'd write some funny characters and put them all in peril.

And he would base this story on the works of Lewis Carroll.

Lewis Carroll? Not again! His works are overdone.

Another trip to Wonderland would not be very fun.

I quite agree, dear readers, though it may make me seem callous.

I'd sooner wrestle tigers than I would read more of Alice.

Thankfully, my friends, Alice is nowhere to be found.

She isn't flying through the air or buried underground.

Perhaps she's gone on holiday or got lost in the dark?

Well - never mind. She isn't here. Let's talk about The Snark.

Now, Snarks are dangerous creatures, even at the best of times.

To meet one unprepared will surely lead to your demise.

Unless the Snark's a Boojum, then you'll simply disappear.

Perhaps sweet Alice met one and that's why we do not see 'er.

Regardless, SNARKED! is not your usual tale of Wonderland.

There's nothing dull nor overdone nor anything that's bland.

The artwork's great, the writing grand - it's good, I'll tell you what!

And now a quick summation of the book's amazing plot.

Now as our story opens, The Red King has gone away.

His sinister advisers seem to know more than they say.

The Princess Scarlett decides she should go and find her father

With Young Prince Rusty close at hand - oh, what a loving daughter.

But going on a quest alone is often is ill-advised.

Young Scarlett knows she needs protection and also a guide.

The saviors that she chooses? One's a fool, the other's drunk -

The Walrus and The Carpenter, whose name is Clyde McDunk!

The Walrus is a con-man, whose mind always sets the pace.

The Carpenter's a dimwit but his heart's in the right place.

The two of them are ready to throw out the Royal whelp.

Until she makes it clear they'll lose their heads if they don't help.

And so the quest continues as our heroes plot a trip.

To find the Red King they will have to find themselves a ship.

Only the captain Bellman will let them aboard his ark.

So our heroes soon set sail for the Isle of the Snark!

Three books collect this splendid tale. I recommend them highly.

I'd say that SNARKED! should have a place in everyone's library.

It's fit for most audiences, though the plot's mad by two-thirds.

The little ones may need some help reading the bigger words.

I should mention The Walrus often drinks unto excess.

And Bill The Lizard has a thing about the wearing of a dress.

There's sarcasm and lying and monsters bald and hairy.

And cannibals and other things. But nothing all that scary.

The complete text of Carroll's stories are also included

At the end of Volumes 1 and 2, once their story is concluded.

To wrap this up as I finish writing this afternoon -

Don't expect more rhyming reviews from me anytime real soon.


Vol. 1 ISBN: 9781608860951

Vol. 2 ISBN: 9781608862764

Vol. 3 ISBN: 9781608862955

kaboom!, 2012

Publisher Age Rating: 8 And Up
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