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January 2014 Round-Up

What a month to kick start 2014! I watched three 2014 films, new releases on DVD as well as a few classics. Not only that but I also completed Sherlock series 1,2 AND 3 as well as watching the outstanding war Mini-series Band of Brothers for the very first time.

AMERICAN HUSTLE was a delight, if a little over rated in my opinion but LAST VEGAS over achieved being a surprisingly high amount of fun. I really enjoyed both, but they didn't come close to what's an early contender for film of the year in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET! Jaw dropping from start to finish with a career best turn from DiCaprio, It was Hilarious and terrific and the 3 hour running time flies by.

I really wanted to watch SHERLOCK and with series 3 being released this month, I knew I had to watch the first 2 seasons first so that I understood everything. What I didn't expect was it to be one of my all time favourite shows as I was totally gripped and watched all 9 episodes within 10 days!

BAND OF BROTHERS was released back in 2001 and I've had my eye on it for some time now and with my new found passion for TV, I thought now was better than ever. The result was a stunning War story that blew my mind and features better action than Saving Private Ryan (excluding the opening scene which no war film will ever beat).

FILTH, YOU'RE NEXT & ESCAPE PLAN were all released late last year and I can finally tick them off the missing list of 2013. All three were just as expected. Filth was chaotic but hilarious (and surprisingly moving), You're Next was gory fun and Escape Plan was silly but action packed. I'd highly recommend all three of them!


2014 Movies -

The Wolf of Wall Street: 9.5/10

American Hustle: 8/10

Last Vegas: 7/10

2013 Releases -

Star Trek Into Darkness: 8.5/10

We're the Millers: 8/10

You're Next: 8/10

Escape Plan: 7.5/10

Filth - 7.5/10

Others Viewed -

The Departed: 10/10

Avengers Assemble: 10/10

Inception: 9/10

GoodFellas: 9/10

Saw: 8/10

Saw II: 7.5/10

Sherlock (TV Series/ Mini-Movies)

Series 1 -

1 (A Study in Pink): 10/10

2 (The Blind Banker): 9/10

3 (A Great Game): 9/10

Series 2 -

1 (Scandal in Belgravia): 10/10

2 (The Hounds of Baskerville): 9/10

3 (The Reichenbach Fall): 9/10

Series 3 -

1 (The Empty Hearse) - 9/10

2 (The Sign of Three) - 9/10

3 (His Last Vow) - 10/10

Band of Brothers: 10/10

Biggest Movie News of the Month:

- 12 Years A Slave wins Best Picture (Drama) at Golden Globes but American Hustle has most wins with 3 victories.

- Oscar Nominations announced as American Hustle & Gravity lead the way with 10 nominations each but no Tom Hanks for Best Actor or Monsters University for Best Animation!

- Gerard butler to star in Point Break remake!

- Paul Walker's character will retire instead of dieing in Fast & Furious 7

- Disney's Frozen & Hobbit Sequel - Desolation of Smaug go past $800 Million each at the worldwide box office but Catching Fire is now 3rd highest of the year with over $850 Million worldwide.

- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire also eclipsed Iron Man 3 as the highest-grossing film released at the U.S. box office in 2013.

- Quentin Tarantino completely shelves his latest film 'The Hateful Eight' after the entire script leaks online.

- Actress Elizabeth Banks set to direct Pitch Perfect 2

Will hopefully be seeing LONE SURVIVOR in the next week or two but there's still some big releases coming out in February to keep an eye out for! A Box-office smash in the US, Cop comedy RIDE-ALONG looks hilarious and hits our screens the same day as Liam Neeson's new thriller NON-STOP which takes place almost entirely on an Airplane and looks gripping. Critically acclaimed sex drama NYMPHOMANIAC looks if nothing else, interesting and stars Shia LaBeouf & Uma Thurman but more towards the kids is THE LEGO MOVIE which looks a delight for the whole family. The Oscar nominated DALLAS BUYERS CLUB lands in the UK and features two actors favourite to take both male Acting category victories at the Academy Awards. George Clooney's latest movie as Actor/Director has him, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and Co in World War 2 in THE MONUMENTS MEN but the biggest film of the month goes to ROBOCOP. Can this reboot live up to the much loved classic? Only time will tell but with stunning effects and Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman & Michael Keaton in supporting roles, it could live up to the hype.


7th - Dallas Buyers Club (15

- RoboCop (12)

- Mr Peabody & Sherman (U)

14th - Her (15)

- The Lego Movie (U)

- The Monuments Men (12)

22nd - Nymphomaniac Part I (18)

28th - Ride-Along (12)

- Non-Stop (12)
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