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'Vampire Diaries' Review: Katherine's mischief creates a monster

We take a trip to heartbreak hotel this week on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, where Katherine () uses her new body to cause some drama, and Tyler () finds out that ultra big-secret we knew would spill the second we witnessed his return to Mystic Falls. There was also a crazy Traveler sorcerer woman who might have just put an end to Elena Gilbert's presence in her own body, only to get her heart ripped out for the trouble. All in all, just a really bad week if you have a heart (the beating is optional).

Oh, and if you've been screaming from the rooftops for the real bad boy Damon Salvatore () to reappear, I've got good news coming your way.

The episode begins with Katherine swooping down on an unassuming Matt (), who, like everybody else in the crew, assumes that Katherine is dead and Elena is the only one in her own body. Katherine compels him from some details to get some education on the life of Elena, but what she really needs is the location of where she was buried, so that Mia, the Traveler buddy of her daughter's, Nadia (), can perform a spell that gives Katherine permanent possession of her younger doppelganger's body. Katherine's still being a silly thing, and she almost blows her cover when she talks to Stefan () for information. He acts pretty nonchalant about her death, which causes her to go ultra-defensive and even propose that they hold a funeral for her. She's able to pull from Stefan that Damon said he had buried her body in the place it was always meant to be. This might have meant nothing to someone else, but to Katherine, it meant the tomb Damon had thought she was buried in for hundreds of years;

Matt thought it'd be a real swell idea to throw a welcome home party for his buddy Tyler, who has recently taken up the full-time profession of drinking, with limited to no bathing in between shots and sleeping. Matt's a great friend, guys. Tyler is a bit nervous for the party, because he knows Caroline () is going to show up, and since he's officially back in Mystic Falls, he's interested in her again. It's a bit selfish, isn't it? Ditch the girl to continue a feud that offers nothing but death, expect to get her back when you return. Meh, still rooting for Klaus in this dogfight.

Enzo () returns to the fold this week, popping into the Salvatore Mansion with one of the Augustine descendants all gift wrapped and ready to be fed upon; it's Aaron (), yes, he's still alive, still pouting with those lips of his. Enzo recognizes Damon has been performing his perfect vengeance plan he once told him about while they were in captive, and he believes he and Damon could still do a bit of hell-raising together. First, Damon's gotta finish the job and kill Aaron. Damon, still on path of I-want-Elena-back, snaps Enzo's neck instead, and compels Aaron to pack his bags and ditch this town.

Katherine (in Elena's body, don't forget this) shows up to Tyler's party, making the rounds to those who had been texting and calling all that day. There's a funny previous scene in which she tells Nadia that it's the neediest group of people ever. I doubt Katherine is much of a frequent texter, and she seems to hate phone calls. Anyway, she first talks to Stefan, who continues pushing Damon as a viable option of reunited romance, and then she runs into Caroline, who decides to run her big mouth and tell her best friend (but instead, tell Katherine) about that little woods hook-up she had with Klaus. Katherine can't seem to get away, until she sees Tyler coming down the stairs and goes for a dagger-twisting maneuver. She fervently chats about Caroline's sexy time, just enough that Tyler's hybrid ears can pick up what she's saying from across the room. She feigns surprise and looks up, and then Caroline is staring into the extremely infuriated eyes of an ex-lover who feels severely screwed over.

Things get a little more heated when Caroline finds Tyler upstairs, doing some more drinking. She tries to apologize, but Tyler won't hear it. Klaus has killed so many people, so many of his friends, his very own mother. She tries to go to him, but he wolfs out, and it looks like he might just do something to her, but Stefan steps in between the two of them, and gives Caroline room to leave. Even after he's heard Caroline's big secret, he still punches Tyler, telling him she didn't deserve it. I see both sides here, as Caroline did sleep with his mortal enemy, but at the same time, Tyler basically gave up their entire relationship so that he could go beat on Klaus. There's a lot of regret going on here.

Katherine gets away from the party, but as she's making haste to her next destination, Elena takes over control of her body, and Damon finds her. For a moment, there's a loving embrace; in the next moment, Mia's spell takes over, and Katherine regains control of the body, possibly for good. Damon proceeds to open his heart up, talking about how good of an influence he is for her, he needs that kind of light in his life, but she shoots him down, and in all honesty, her words are pretty convincing. He was basically saying she was the only reason he wanted to be alive, and yeah honey, that is a lot of pressure. Not sure if Elena would have shot that one down, but I'm with Katherine here regardless.

After some slight cringing while hearing Damon implore Elena (or just her body, for that matter) to get back with him, he makes a welcome shift to the old killer of seasons past. In a season 1 reminiscent takedown, Damon and a newly revived Enzo stop Aaron on his way out of town. Aaron was sure he'd be allowed to leave, because Damon cared what Elena thought, but with the official smackdown at hand, Damon felt it was time to get back to the roots of what he did best. He fed on Aaronand we can only assume that that's the last of him we'll be seeing. Or maybe that's just my hope talking

The Mystic Falls gangbusters are pretty divided now, and with Damon off the rails and rampaging through the town with Enzo, the morale isn't exactly high. The good news, is that at the moment, Katherine has total control of Elena's body, which means more Katherine time! I don't mind the Enzo return either, especially if it means we get a bit of a refresher course on Damon's roots. And if I haven't said it already, I really hope he killed Aaron.

I'm still a bit iffy on this Tyler thing. For the most part, he just seems whiny because he tried to go up against a guy he stood no chance against and got his ass kicked. Well, you stood no chance, what did you expect? He's going to need some new purpose or direction for me to ever be hopping on Team Lockwood. No ladies, I'm sure those abs are high quality and everything, but I need more. But with all the bashing going around, does this mean we're never getting a Klaus/Caroline take 2? Never say never, look at how many times Buffy ended up sleeping with Spike (the comparison got made, deal with it).

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go watch Stefan punching Tyler on a loop.

Season 5, Episode 12: "The Devil Inside" (originally aired January 30th, 2014)

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

Images courtesy of Blake Tyers and The CW.

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