Sunday, February 2, 2014


Haven't written a post for a while!

I've been busy. I've been through the process of adopting a rescue dog. We went to visit a rescue dog and she was beautiful but she was so nervous.. And my stepdad made the executive decision that really we'd need to adopt a puppy so we could train it and get it used to our other animals from a young age. And he's right.

So we've been looking at puppies.


I think puppies are my favourite things ever. Labrador puppies, black labrador puppies. I think we might wait until it's a bit warmer and there's more light during the day before we get one, just so it can spend more time outside with us and it's more pleasant to socialise it etc.So that's exciting.

I'm back at work now, these 6am starts were getting to me until I figured out that if I actually go to bed earlier than 1am it's easier to get up the following morning. duh. Work has been busy and kinda' complicated since I've been back but I like it that way. It's no fun when things go smoothly.

I've also been doing super well at keeping fit! I managed to run my first mile the other day. Sure I've 'ran' miles before but it's always involved stopping or walking for part of the way. But no I actually RAN the whole thing. I'm no athlete, but this is progress, and I'm so pleased. I'm also doing a couple of 30 day challenges that I've found from the fitblr community on tumblr and I've been keeping to them really well. I'm currently doing the squat challenge and the crunch challenge. The squat challenge starts you at 50 squats on the first day and you finish on 250, which is a killer! The crunch challenge is easier, starting from 20 and going to 150. Here, have a look.

I've got another week off soon. I really need to get my room painted this time. I've chosen a light cream ivory colour for 3 walls and an ocean blue for my feature wall. I've actually got far more nautical themed pictures and wall art than I thought, I'm going to have a job fitting them all on the walls, maybe I'll have to alternate. We'll see.

Anyway. Been rambling away, this has turned into a monster blog! If you're interested enough to have read through all of this, I commend you, dear friend. Thanks for your attention.
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