Sunday, February 2, 2014

Legends of Asgard

Legends of Asgard: is a browser game published by GleeCode, a Shanghai-based game company behind games such as , . The game was originally published by YouJoy, followed by GameBox and DovoGame. Legends of Asgard can be considered a new server of the game with a different title and publisher while most of the game are still the same as the game offered at its first server.


Legends of Asgard does focus on, as the slogan insists, "the quest exploring in various PVE maps and dungeons", but once you've played this game, a protagonist who keeps picking up quests and slaying monsters will be on your mind.

The game is a browser-based game that feels like a 2D MMORPG rich with divergent subplots and quests, paying more attention to the character growth in a fast and smooth way. But it is devoid of adventure and surprise, quite often leaving the player automatically moving here and there to go questing.

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