Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bandai/toy round-up

With SDCC and more, Bandai has had a lot of stuff on display as of late. First, on the American side of things:

Power Rangers Megaforce is going to have a line of Ranger Keys, though they look tiny and off model compared to the Gokaiger ones:

The Legendary Godzilla is also getting Bandai of America treatment. It was on display at SDCCunder a tarp for the whole con. Thanks, Legendary!

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On the Japanese side of things, Dragonball Z's Eternal Dragon is getting a Figuarts or MonsterArts, but they haven't decided which yet:

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The Alien Vs Predator series is getting MonsterArts treatment, which is pretty redundant considering all of the other toy lines that have tackled those characters. I really hope that the line doesn't just resort to regurgitating Revoltech's output like the SRC series has been doing lately.

They have announced a Battra, though:


Also, the SIC line looks like it's getting back to its roots, as the Uva Greeed from Kamen Rider OOO has a display base like the very first SICs did:


Other news:

* SH Figuarts Sailor Jupiter and Venus have been confirmed.

* All of the Gokaiger Figuarts are getting a US release, good news for those who couldn't nab the Yellow and Pink rangers, who were webshop exclusives in Japan.

* SH Figuarts will be doing toys for the Justice League video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

On a final, non-Bandai note, NECA's Leatherback from Pacific Rim has been unveiled:

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