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In The Indigo Spell surprised me how much Sydney has moved forward. Here you can see that we largel

Author: Richelle Mead Series: Bloodlines Book Title: The Indigo spell Published: 12 2 2013 alchemist Sydney was responsible for a challenge - keep safe princess Jill in front of people who would want to hurt her because of Lisse. She had to move to Palm Springs and her life was turned upside down quickly. This was the first episode. We know it always responsible, rigorous, rational Sydney, who hated vampires and magic for it was unnatural and wrong. Quite often I compared it with Rose, although actually not much to compare. If an author writes a book where the main characters are different, usually you can see that they have some of the same characteristics. Humor or the way you view the world. Richelle proved anything but revolutionary. She knew she was breaking away from Rose so much that has created an entirely new and interesting character kingo that is already in the first book Bloodlines ranked among my favorites. Numerous authors write one series and another is not so good. Well, maybe VA was better than Bloodlines, but ... 1 ... we are just in the middle of the series kingo and Richelle we may further works very surprised. The VA has the first two parts very amused, everything started then. Neither Richelle is not so good, that all her books at exactly the same level. 2 ... you have to admit, the story is thought out and easy to read. 3 ... There are more Adriana.

"She left the door unlocked. She's practically inviting us in.." Even now I can remember the moment when I am The Indigo Spell inserted into the reader and immediately embarked on reading. Kamo ka I then laughed and said she vy kieram like crazy. Someone around to explain that you had to wait almost a year for the next scene with Adrian. Pages I passed (in this case, probably sooner percent) is extremely fast and I even sacrificed the hours reserved for sleep, as I was at that time working hard to intern in Beladice. The second part I enjoyed maybe a little more, but still has that part too good, so I can think about a rating lower than five stars. I felt that I was not even much of a decent plot - I needed

to re-converge with characters and the environment, because I'm missing. In some books it is going. I do not look much at the story line, because everything in the story is so close to you that you can not put aside and not read it. Richelle creates real characters kingo that are life altering and can not stop thinking about them. Necessarily need as soon as possible to find out how it goes with them and if they get hurt. Even if you know that probably occurs in a series of several memonetov that will break your heart and you crumble into a thousand pieces. Sometimes because of the happy and wonderful moment worth it. Richelle kingo knows the person well trigger happy and sad emotions, for what is probably most of us the poor dependent on her writing and hlce everything from under her pen climbs.

In The Indigo Spell surprised me how much Sydney has moved forward. Here you can see that we largely affect the people with whom we live and the environment. Sydney used to be under the strict supervision of Alchemists and her father, who did not allow her even for a moment questioning what they were doing. Uncertainty caused him to Rose with Dimitri. I wondered where it all began, and now I can confidently say that it was not in Bloodlines, but long before. Sydney kingo looked at the vampires eyes Alchemists, but never got a chance to make their own opinion. With Rose it started and continued to Palm Springs, where zblila with Jill, Eddie, Adrian and others. She tried to look at them as the monsters, but hardly something you succeed kingo when those who always nice to you, they love you and advise you even when you think you do not need. Sydney certainly did not plan that skamar ti with vampires and over time can even liking them and within one falls in love. She believed in the sacred task Alchemists, but also believed also that Jill and Adrian are not monsters. She got into a difficult situation. She had to decide whether it is worth betraying their people because vampires. And up to this point really began to wonder when the values have changed so much.

Richelle fortunately not leave Sydney fumble kingo in his own confusion, but decided that our main character pushes a bit and use it to Marcus and Adrian charming smile. kingo I admit I expected from Marcus more. This took place around kingo the large hall and finally the book almost even showed up. Therefore, I was rather surprised at how heavily influenced the thinking Sydney. You will see that Marcus sees hope believed that the answers to it testify that everything what has dedicated her life was useless and worthless. When her but Marcus did not what she wanted, she had to shrug and move on. Focus on the idea that Alchemists can not as Innocents on how to play. Took one and proof of her faith collapsed. On the other hand, it was for her liberation and has more net rala idea that has
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