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Orange Glad Sweet Box July 2013 Unboxing & Review!

I recently received the first Orange Glad Sweet Box to review for you all! I had wrote a post about them before they launched, which you can read(it's a more in-depth note of what this box is). If you're not sure what Orange Glad is, it's a monthly subscription box in which you get DESSERTS delivered to your door! This subscription box costs $15 + $6.95 shipping a month, bringing the total to $21.95. My favorite part is that it brings items from small town bakeries to your doorstep without you having to travel to where they are! This is the perfect box for dessert extraordinaire's or people who just like to indulge in deliciousness. I also have a 10% off code you can use at check out. Type in YUMMY10 at checkout to get it! Now without further ado , let's dive into my awesome box!

See the silver stuff? That's a mixture of lining and bubble wrap that housed the items that could possibly melt, along with a couple ice packs to keep them nice and cool until you consumed them!

This is a card that tells about the box a little bit. It's a monthly subscription of baked goodsALICE'S STICK COOKIES: So, what do these cookies taste like? Rich, buttery and with a hint of toffee flavor, they have a delicate, moist texture that literally melts in your mouth. This is the perfect treat to pair with a cup of tea or coffee."

From the card, about the company:

"ALICE'S STICK COOKIES| Los Altos, CA (650-948-5905): Late in life and with much encouragement from family and friends, Alice jumped into the cookie business. For years, friends had been asking Alice for this recipe but she resisted sharing it, knowing one day she would start a business. Awarded the coveted prize for Best Cookie of 2004 & 2006 at the Fancy Food Show in NYC, the rich, buttery cookies with a hint of toffee flavor literally melt in your mouth."

These cookies, personally, were absolutely DELICIOUS. I'm not going to lie, the first time around I didn't think they were all that great. I thought they were a little hard, but I also didn't eat them with milk. I could taste the butteryness, but couldn't really taste the lemon. I loved the sugar on top though. The second time around, I dipped it in some milk, and oh my god. It was literally SO good! It softened it up just enough so I wasn't cutting my mouth open, but still left it hard enough to enjoy it the way it was made to enjoy!

MOM: Form of biscotti, can't eat it without dipping it. It's too hard to eat without softening. Not bad.

DAD: Buttery, like a lemon sugar cookie!

NIECE: (I didn't have anything written down, but I want to say she liked it!)

You can purchase an 8 oz box of these cookies on Alice'sfor $9.95 making this 4 oz box about $4.98

Next is a 3 oz Brownie from Fat Witch! It's really just a plain brownie nothing too spectacular that I can differentiate from the card. This is to be enjoyed within 2 days of purchase. From the card, about the product:

"BROWNIE; FAT WITCH BAKERY: Your brownie arrives ready to eat but if you like your brownies warm and gooey, pop it in the microwave for a couple seconds. With no icing or added preservatives, these brownies are made with only the best, natural ingredients! Treat yourself, you deserve it."

From the card, about the company:

"FAT WITCH BAKERY| New York, NY: Featured on Oprah's Favorite Things, Food Network, and the Today Show, these individually wrapped brownies with the charming Witch logo arrive ready to eat or you can refrigerateput in the freezer, or the microwave. No icing, no preservatives, no nonsense. Only the best, most natural ingredients. Treat yourself you deserve it!"

I really didn't care for this product. After reading how it was all over TV, I was caught questioning "How?". I didn't think this was anything spectacular, and felt it wasn't all that chocolatey. It also tasted a little like Cream Cheese, which is odd, because looking at the ingredients, it doesn't list it. This was probably my least favorite of the box.

MOM: Rubbery texture, doesn't taste like a brownie.

DAD: Tastes burnt. Sugar possibly burned during baking? Get better brownies from a box mix.

NIECE: Taste more like fudge. (I have to agree, and my niece is an expert on Fudge)

You oddly can't purchase this size on their website, they only have 3.5 oz or 1.5 oz (baby brownie). The price of the 3.5 oz is $2.95, so calculating it, this 3 oz brownie is about $2.52

Next was probably my FAVORITE of the box. It is a Complete Peanutbutterness cookie from Yummes! This is a peanutbutter cookie sandwich dipped in chocolate, drizzled in white chocolate, and then again in regular chocolate. Oh. My. God. Delicious. This is literally heaven on Earth. This is to be enjoyed within 2 days from purchase (and how could it last longer?). From the card, about the product:

"COMPLETE PEANUTBUTTERNESS; YUMMES: Peanut Butter lovers, this cookie was made for you. Peanut butter butter cream sandwiched between two decadent creamy peanut butter cookies and dipped in chocolate ganache! Oh peanut butter you had me at hello!

From the card, about the company:

"YUMMES| West Carrollton, OH: Fifteen years ago, Becky and Melody started baking out of their home kitchen as A Taste of Elegance. They did so based on their pure passion for making cakes, which grew into what has become Ele Cake Co. Today, their dedication has grown and enabled them to open two locations in greater Daytona area. One problem, however they didn't have a line of products that could be shipped and shared with those who can't visit their stores physically! So, Yummes was born and their story continues."

This is the deliciousness OUT of packaging

This is the thickness of the monster! My mouth is literally WATERING right now. This cookie sandwich was the best thing ever. The cookie was surprisingly very soft without because soggy. I thought it was going to be hard, which I'm so happy it wasn't. Everything about this was just fantastic. It was so peanut buttery, and I'm a huge fan of peanut butter so I was loving it! I had to split this cookie in 4, which after tasting it, I wasn't too happy because I wish I had eaten the whole thing!

MOM: Scrumptious, really really good! It's the definition of gourmet treat.

DAD: Not bad, really peanut buttery.

NIECE: Good, now I want some milk! (She's weird )

You can purchase a box of 12 of these on their for $60 making a single one $5.00! Unfortunately, as good as they are, I couldn't see myself spending $60 on 12 of them that's a little expensive.

Next were two pieces of chocolate from The Secret Chocolatier. At first, I thought this was just white and milk chocolate and was a little disappointed. The taste test proved me wrong. The white piece actually has macadamia (White Chocolate Toasted Macadamia)in it, and the milk chocolate has a toffee crunch in the middle (Sea Salt Chocolate Butter Toffee)! These are to be enjoyed within three months from purchase. From the card, about the product:

"CHOCOLATE BARK; THE SECRET CHOCOLATIER: Whether you're looking for a way to indulge, a gift for your family or friend, this should make any belly very happy. After a journey of combinations, these chocolate barks are unique to the Secret Chocolatier. They comprise a nice slice of delights and we think your palate will dance with them too."

From the card, about the company:

"THE SECRET CHOCOLATIER| Charlotte, NC: A family of chocolate artisans, the Dietz and Ciordia families started the Secret Chocolatier five years ago. After building a following at local farmer's markets and retailers, they responded to public demand for a storefront where customers could get their chocolate moment five days a week. After two years in their shop, they continue writing chocolate history every day."

I really loved both chocolates, but my favorite was the Toffee one. The white chocolate had a very smooth consistency, and the nuts in it really added to the awesome taste. The crunch was awesome, I love nuts in chocolate, so this made me happy! The toffee crunch one was the real winner though. I can't even describe the taste, but the salt really pulls it all together. Sea Salt and Chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly. The middle was just delicious, thing ButterFinger but 5 times as good.

MOM: Don't like White Chocolate, but this is really good|Perfect, I love it! The Toffee is so nice!

DAD: Nut tastes a little old, chocolate was good though| This one is very different, but awesome!

NIECE: Doesn't like nuts, but white chocolate was good! | Didn't try other one(She's extremely picky)

You can purchase a 4 oz bag of each on their for $6.50 each. I would assume that this is about an ounce each, maybe a little less. I'm going to go with a value of $3.26 total!

The last item in the box means a lot to me! It's 4 little S'More bites from Sweet Lydia's! Why do they mean a lot to me? Because I'm from Massachusetts, as is this company! They're located in Lowell, which is fairly close to where I live. These are little bite sized pieces with graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate, and nonpariels on top! These are to be enjoyed within 5 weeks from purchase. From the card, about the product:

"S'MORE BITES; SWEET LYDIA'S: Gourmet Vanilla Marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers and covered in milk chocolate. You might think you know what to expect from a s'more but hold onto your hat as this treat will blow you away. These can easily be customized for your wedding, shower or special event favors."

From the card, about the company:

"SWEET LYDIA'S| Lowell Mass: Sweet Lydia's started out as an experiment in the kitchen for care packages to friends and family. Everyone who tasted them returned to request s'more and s'mores, and soon referrals poured in. Our hobby quickly became a business with the popularity of our one-of-a-kind s'mores. Sweet Lydia's wedding favors grew in popularity after they were featured in Lydia's own wedding! The only thing that has changed since those early days is the selection of flavors and delicious marshmallow combinations, our hand crafted ethic remains the same. Let your sweet took know no bounds, Sweet Lydia's here to serve!"

This is the outside of the delicious treat! I really loved this! It tasted just like these Russel Stovers S'more treats we used to buy in Maine. So good! The graham inside was perfect. The nonpareils on top didn't do any good though I don't like those. I did scrape them off though

This is the inside! I'm happy that it all didn't crumble apart, it actually stayed together quiet well!

MOM: Wicked Good! (Oh yeah, had to get Wicked in there somewhere )

DAD: Like a mini MoonPie! Good!

NIECE: *Keeps eating it, asks for more*

You can purchase a box of 6 full size S'more's for $23.00, I'm assuming that all 4 of these are equivalent to 1 full size, so I'm going to guess at this being about $3.83

TOTAL: $19.59

While the total didn't add up to the price of the entire box including shipping, which I know some people like it to, I think that in all, you get a lot of product for your money's worth. Shipping charges always get you no matter what you buy. I really think this box is a good way to get some awesome snacks from some great companies. Having been on the end of a Bakery that couldn't make it in this economy, I'm all for helping out some businesses. I truely wish that we could have had this in the time we were open, I feel this could have helped us out had we had the opportunity to send our products out. Fat Witch of course is not one of those companies as they've been featured on many different things. I would love to see more small town bakeries, such as Sweet Lydia's (and not just because I'm a Mass Girl). I really think that getting some goodies in the mail once a month is needed for ANYONE, and I would love to see a diabetic version in the future. I have a few family members (Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, ect) that have Diabetes, and I know they'd really enjoy a box like this. I look forward to subscribing as soon as my financial situation allows.

Big thanks to Orange Glad for sending this awesome box to me!
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