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The other game that had featured in the pre-show was the new PES. We already knew that the title wo

Still wanting to escape the disasters of the most ancient collective

that rolled during E3, the pre-show was dry and fast. After talking briefly about social games (including a category called "Social Casino", completely monstercars new to me), the presentation showed the new PES, Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

The focus on the segment of Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain was the actor Kiefer Sutherland, who, according to the video, give voice to the Snake. Although I like the work of David Hayter, voice of the character so far, and find that he was responsible for imbuing much personality we have come to appreciate the protagonist, is too early to maldizermos change (if there is still no Kojima behind the catch, though the evidence in which no). What can be said, however, that the lack of enthusiasm Sutherland on the video was palpable. The actor was referring to Metal Gear and Snake just like "this game" and "this character", never use any names. The impression was that he had no idea what work was describing, not unlike monstercars the coldness that he presented the awards VGAs 2008, he was recognized for his work in Call of Duty: World at War.

No other concrete details were given about the game, and even the appearance of the game director, Hideo Kojima, was second to Sutherland. Fortunately, before the end segment, there is a powerful statement of Kojima, who talks about the kind of emotional nuance that we will see in Metal Gear V thanks to motion capture and expressions:

After Metal Gear was shown Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The most interesting was the game be described as open and no loadings, different linear structure in phases seen in the predecessor. This suggests that the continuation monstercars will metroidvania elements, but not sure. Other than that, details were repeated already known, such as the fact the plot continues from the teaser seen the end credits of the Lords of Shadow.

I'm not a big fan of the first game and thought Mirror of Fate (for 3DS) bad. But if this new arm of the series are making changes that became closer than Symphony monstercars of the Night so cool, it is possible that Lords of Shadow 2 surprise.

The other game that had featured in the pre-show was the new PES. We already knew that the title would use Fox Engine (or an amended version of it, as stated in the video). The engine is supposed to allow for a greater fluidity to the ball, which can go in any direction. These speeches were avidly a demo video, monstercars but not understanding anything d football games, I have no idea if that would be impressive.

The pre-show was closed with one more picture of the Mega 64, this time parodying Lords of Shadow 2. The appearance of the comedy group has become a tradition in these videos from Konami, which might explain the inability of the table to inject mood into a presentation parade. It is also possible that this is just a result of parody with the new Castlevania was not very inspired.


even taking this into account, it is hard not to question

why these pre-shows latest monstercars Konami. The cost of creating these videos should not be high, but what's monstercars the point of them? In their present form they are only a remnant of the collective past, a tradition that remains no reason. It gets even stranger when you consider monstercars the amount of factual monstercars information monstercars given in this half-hour show. The only thing relatively important was the announcement Keifer Sutherland in the role of Snake, something that could have been easily

monstercars done with release. monstercars

Konami can not be ridiculed as the failures

of the past performances, but at least we talked about the collective - even behind laughter. And it's not like the slips and oddities denegrissem the company's

image. All would agree that if there is anyone in this world who thinks less of Taki Fujii because of its "one million", well, that person is wrong.

And no longer answer questions about Metal Gear V. Phantom Pain and Grounds Zeroes are two games that will be sold separately? On the same disk? Why Kojima has not yet learned to speak English?

Also, in the last trailer of MGS V which many spoke was the voice of the guy who is all bandaged the Sutherland was not the Snake. So it may be that David Hayter make the voice of Snake in Ground Zeroes (which was not mentioned in the video) and what goes before monstercars and such.

Method also did not see anything else. But I never expected a lot of these pre-Foo.
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