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According to Kung Yu said the old man,, Kung Yang has exceeded the training mission ! But this point has been widely questioned four bedrooms Kung headed the human family, even with, Kung Kung Yu patriarch of the family that everyone called Gifted, very disagree ! Kung sheep hearts of the little genius named universe whether the government 's expectations, but also rapidly approaching low ! People naturally do not know, after two months of special training, the maidenhair sheep cultivation has reached a peak of 12 items ! Opened the six kidneys : Yang meridians, yin -dimensional vein, Yang Rocker vein, overcast Rocker veins, red veins, with veins.

Open six meridians again,, maidenhair sheep and repair almost doubled, the degree of pure basic upgrade twice, especially in terms of strength, become more sick ! Today, Gongsun Yang arms whirl round, has been able to issue twenty thousand kilos of energy left ! And back to the family after the maidenhair sheep keep a low profile, are the basic daily nest in three rooms of the hospital without leaving home. In fact, Gongsun Yang is now busy ! In addition to combing all the martial arts, but also somehow find time to study the flood by Yu Wang, and that the Department already has the mysterious Hill Easy !

Even the cheap Aunt Kung no ?,, Do not know specifically what you are doing Kung sheep, sheep thought Gifted excessive tiredness during the maidenhair caused it, and therefore there is no disturb Kung sheep ! The reason why these things do not tell no cheap Gongsun aunt, one reason is that maidenhair no no inquiry from, but keep in mind the dry Gongsun sheep sister Xuan Hui children as well as a monster dragon dance sister told : ? ? Something for anyone can not speak ! Even the loved ones of the people is not OK ! Among these, there are children Xuan Hui Huang sister can specifically accountable by refining marrow, as well as specially exhort space monster sister and yuwang pull that flood through !:
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