Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lazy year

Hey,I'm the main writer for this site/blog and all the random fun/boring contents it brings from the depths of hell. Tonight/Today we are going to look into lazy days and how they can get extended into months,years and for some poor souls a lifetime. One main component of laziness is,yea you guessed right man/girl its PROCRASTINATION. Its common I'm sure. I procrastinate,you procrastinate,the whole fucking world procrastinates at some time in their life.Hell,even the earth procrastinates,it should have ended december last year,but it postponed it because its too much pain. We avoid things or put them off because we attach too much pain to them and too little pleasure.Take gaming for example,who the hell would put that off,for some extreme gamers they'd play completely naked in front of millions and not give a fuck. Activities like gaming are fun,so we associate it with pleasure. On the other hand activities like say anything that requires us to step out of our comfort zone,we tend to put it off another time. If the activity is extremely painful(can't think of any examples maybe you could think of your personal pains)then we will do whatever it takes to avoid or get done as quick as possible and never do it again. Nevermind I have one example,telling someone you hate that you love them.Most of us are too stubborn,too full of foolish pride to do anything painful and end up putting our sense of self worth on the line. Seeing a bunch of crazy teenagers around your age screaming like chimpanzees as they throw light bulbs at each other in total joy and bliss,what's up with that? Let your imagination run wild whenever you want to just enjoy yourself,no matter the situation.Hell whenever I lose my train of thought I just go blank and type whatever.I don't care. Its pleasurable in a way. We all need our own therapy,our own outlets so whenever the pain gets a little out of hand we know where to go to release it. Some ways to release pain include

* Do metal screams and growls

* Write blogs like this

* Toss around the weights and workout like a beast .

* Aggression but don't be an ass

* Meditation

These are just some ways that I use sometimes.The world is naked and soon it will be sucked into a blackhole and then reborn into some other galaxy by coming out of another hole.As they say,what goes in eventually comes out. Lethargic?hit the weights or even just dance insanely to heavy metal,rap or whatever the fuck you're into. Somebody piss you off? Look them dead in the eye and tell them 'I love you,go fuck yourself you'strange I know,all I do is ignore those are full of shit or get a little aggressive nothing over the top. Are you angry? Say fuck you to the world and take some boxing classes. Somebody is being a bitch? Give them guidance and help them make something of themselves. Can't sleep at night because there are monsters in your closet/under your bed? Can't help you there you're fucked.Best thing you could do is just lay in bed and let them devour you.

Can't lie,I'm a lazy guy.I get excited mostly at night because that's when I look for the new porn video of the night.After i ejaculate I relax for awhile,but on some rare occasions I get suicidal like the only enjoyment of the day/night is gone and I'm back to my bad day.Then I end up not masturbating for a long time,I might even skip a day. How did I end up typing this stuff out? Forgot to mention the devil sometimes possesses me when I'm blogging or taking a shit. That's it for the day,til next time..
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