Monday, December 30, 2013

It's A Jolly Holiday

We had a magic morning pass and so we got up extra extra early and got ready and walking to get to Disney before 7 so that we had a good place in line and could get to the Radiator Springs racers at a good time and ride it as much as we could. We did and while we rode, Mom went to get us some fast passes so that we had another ride that would be shorter. By the time we got to 8 am and the park opened we had ridden it 6 times, and our fast pass made 7. We enjoyed it a lot! This is our family photo for the ride when we used our fast pass and were all together. We decided to look scared our of our wits, I was so scared I ate my hair! I even got to meet RED! I was so excited I ran up and gave him a big BIG hug (there was no line) and he was so happy that he let out a big happy sigh that he got a hug. Boo even decided to add in and give him a hug too, and Red was very happy that we gave him warm hugs. We loved him!

We then went on our way to go on and visit the rest of the Boardwalk that we missed because we had

learned that Toy Story was hidden somewhere there and we got to meet Jessie. She gave us hugs when we met her and we liked that we got to meet one of our favorite characters! Buzz would have been cool to meet too. We then went on our way and the family went on to ride the roller coaster again. Mom and I decided to ride on King Triton's carousel of the sea. We had picked a pretty pink whale and a blue dolphin to ride on and it was a lot of fun! Since we had been running around all day we had then gone off to lunch. Mom and Dad had found a gluten free place while Muffin had some rice and veggies, and Boo and I had bread bowl soup and salad. It was really really yummy! We then met up and went to Bear Peak and Muffin, Boo, and Dad decided to ride the water ride. Mom and I stayed in the sun while they got soaked!

We then went around to Condor Flatts again and we ran into Minnie! We finally got to meet her! She also fell in love with Dad. The umbrella that was there to keep Minnie cool was too heavy for her helpers to carry and it was stuck so Dad graciously helped and Minnie was so happy! She gave him hugs and kisses and even had everyone give him a round of applause. She was head over heels! Mom and I were so happy to meet her and she gave hugs and kisses when we left. She also adored me since I was wearing my sparkly Minnie ears and I looked like her.

We walked back into town square and Dad and Boo went to go and get some chocolate and Mom and I were in line to meet Goofy. Though he had a show to get to and so he gave us kisses when he left, though we didn't wait in line for nothing, we met Pluto!! He was so wonderful. We kept going on our way because we wanted to be able to meet the characters from Monsters Inc and the muppets, so we went on our way and went to the Muppet Theatre (THE REAL ONE) and watched their new 3-D show, it still needs some work, they nearly blew it up!

We then took a trip through Monstropolis and got to meet the characters of Monsters Inc. We also got extremely lucky while walking around, Mom met one of her heroes in the cartoon world. She met ELASTIGIRL! It was awesome, I got a picture with her too, but Mom was the most excited about meeting her. They even look alike!!

One of the last characters that we got to meet on our way was Mary Poppins and Bert and the little waiter penguins! We got lucky because George the penguin was running late and so he came in before we got a picture and gave us all hugs, though Fred (we didn't know the name of the other penguin, so we are calling him Fred) was very jealous of the hugs and so we had to give him some hugs too! We enjoyed talking to them all and we even danced with the penguins and they thought we were very good! We loved meeting all the characters, they were incredibly nice and lovable (especially the penguins).

We then kept walking and watched the parade, some of the characters even stopped in front of my

camera for a picture and then posed so that they would look cool. The CDA agent was very excited for a photo. It was the first time we stopped to wait and actually watch the parade because it wasn't crazy congested and we had good spots to stay and sit down to watch. We then gathered all of our things and made our way to dinner, we were very tired since we were up very early and from all the racers we rode. We were excited to have dinner and we were so tired that we even took a taxi home because our legs and feet hurt so much. This was an amazing trip and it was fantastic to live our childhood dreams of going to Disney. It was sad going home, the whole trip back I wore my ears and wallowed in my tears. BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!
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