Thursday, November 28, 2013

Article for Peru this Week: In the mood for some Christmas fun in Lima, Peru?

Christmas is pretty much here, whether we like it or not. Now, I love Christmas, I'm just not so keen on the month and a half buildup to it. By the time it finally rolls around, you're so sick of the whole thing that you're desperate for the bleakness of the rest of winter, with no baubles or tinsel to brighten it. It's not even bloody December yet, and everyone's getting their Christmas bazaar and panto on.

I wrote this for . We normally only have one event a week in the newsletter (I have no idea why... surely news and events are two of the things that people are most going to want to read?? I'm working on changing this...), but I wanted to mention all of the cheesy Christmassy things going on, so that people had chance to get their Christmas cheese well and truly on obscenely early, so I did a mash up article, Glee style, to link to all the other articles. Like most of my incredibly genius brainwaves, this occurred to me on the same day that I wanted to do it, so I woke up having to write four articles and then run into work, because I don't have the program I need to design and program the newsletter at home. Anyway, this is the mash up and the articles after are the ones it links to.


12 Hours agoBy Hannah Vickers


(Photo: Wikipedia)I'm really sorry to say this, especially as many of you will be celebrating Thanksiving today but, (don't choke on your turkey) Christmas is getting close. I don't know how it happened either, but like it or not, that season of joy and peace to all mankind is once again upon us. I know that Christmas is getting close, because I'm forced to listen to tinny Christmas music and am visually assaulted by huge Christmas decorations every time I go to the supermarket. (Really, though, who needs a 7 foot nutcracker statue?)There's even a Father Christmas (that's what we Brits call your Santa Claus) standing in the foyer of the building we work in, who shouts and sings at you as you walk in. That's right: every time someone walks past, or even moves near this plastic, electronic, red and white clad monster, it triggers another cheery Christmas greeting. The man who sits at the desk in the entrance already has a defeated look, and it's only been there a week. I'm concerned that he might not last 'til Christmas.And if you're not going home for Christmas, you may be feeling a tad sorry for yourself. This year, you may well spend Christmas munching down on paneton instead of a fat fruit cake drowned in sherry; you may be sweating in shorts and t-shirt and lathering yourself in sun cream instead of wearing everything you've got to leave the house, but one way you can get into the Christmas spirit is to go to one (or all, if you're really struggling to get your Christmas on!) of the following Christmas events coming up that we have handpicked for you.Everyone is having a bazaar this year. There's thethis Saturday, Nov. 30, theon Friday, Dec. 6, and the Union Church of Lima'son Saturday, Dec. 7.If bazaars aren't your thing (or if memories of Black Fridays past makes the idea of buying things so soon after Thanksgiving more than you can bear), why not go for some light musical and comical entertainment in the shape of The Good Companion drama group's , next Friday and Saturday, Dec. 6 and 7? And, if you want to go for a healithier option and support a super good cause all at the same time, get involved in theon Dec. 8.DO YOU KNOW OF SOMETHING CHRISTMASSY GOING ON IN PERU? LET US KNOW BY EMAILING US AT EDITOR@PERUTHISWEEK OR ADDING IT TO OUR .Happy Chri ., er Thanksgiving!
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