Friday, November 29, 2013

Dear Santa....

I've been deliberating an annual festive problem, and hopefully come up with a solution for those of us who receive dubious gifts from our partners.

Having spent more on the cat last year than on me, Mr A. found himself well and truly in the dog house. To be fair, he'd been incredibly busy at work and had bought the cat's present early after seeing several items he was rather taken with in Selfridges. But after the disappointment of an ice-scraper, some de-icer, A DVD (still in cellophane), a magazine and an assortment of chocolate bars, I need to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

For starters, here's little note I have left for him. Feel free to borrow it, amend to your heart's content and leave under his nose, in the hope you will receive something adorable this year.Dear OH/Partner (delete as appropriate),Here is a list of things I don't want to receive this Christmas...

* Any kitchen appliance, or household gadget, unless I have specifically asked for it.

* Dubious looking undies, bought after a lunchtime drink with the lads from work.

* An ice-scraper or, for that matter, anything whatsoever from the garage on your way home on Christmas Eve, after the shops have closed!

* Any film with your favourite actress in it.

* A poinsettia - I hate them (don't ask why, I have no idea).

* Pot pourri - I just don't see the point as it only gathers dust.

* Novelty bits of tat that end up being donated during Spring decluttering.

Love you,


P.S. There's another list on its way.

This year, I've been inspired by Sarah Millican's fabulous idea for getting exactly what you want from Santa by utilising the 'pre-approved present list.'The idea is this - you write a list of fabulous gifts you'd love to receive and your partner selects a few items - hence there's still the element of surprise on Christmas morning! It's a bit like a letter to Santa, only for grown-ups.

Or, you could go one further and buy the lot yourself. Although obviously, you'd make him wrap each and every one and feign surprise on Christmas morning.

I can report that Mr A. thoughtfully bought tickets to see the fabulous Ms Millican on tour in December for my birthday, with absolutely no prompting from me! I have a feeling my daughters may have come up with this inspired idea. But well done anyway hun - I'm so looking forward to our night out and it's a huge improvement on Christmas 2012!

This year, the cat's receiving a carpet square. After the furry monster completely trashed all of our downstairs carpet and we've had to replace the lot with wooden flooring and tiles. Indirectly, this has cost more than mine and hubby's and our daughters' presents put together!

Feel free to share your own horror stories of hideous gifts from your other half. Here's hoping you find something delightful under the tree this year...

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