Friday, November 29, 2013

The Dan DiDio Thanksgiving Competition Results

What a great way to spend Thanksgiving! When DC Comics co-Publisher DAN DIDIO posted this image, there was only one way it could goa Bleeding Cool competition!

Tari was first off the blocks.

Even professional comic book creator Jamal Igle got involved

though careful to add the proviso "Not an indictment of Dan. I like Dan. He's very nice."

And he is. But they kept coming.

From alekesam.

From Tariq Leslie

Two from Phantom309

From Muldercomics

From Duffman

From zilkikliz

From Vleeding Cool regular Blackfist

From eyemelt

From Betty Boolean

From ogvgwarrior

A large stack from HeroclixFrank

A nice batch from Enabler

From Hollow

From Spacedog

From Dantastic

From Gnarlybone

From Not him - HIM

From Irving Braxiatel

From Backslash

A batch from Saidestroyer

From MArc Lombardi

One from Reverend Dust, and a second where he explains "As a token from Spain, anytime we make chops there's this recurrent joke where we insert the most poorly done wax sculpture we have in an official museum, the one from Fernando Alonso. Behold the monster (even his cap is worse than Didio's)!"

But the winner? Well my favourite at least, from Phantom 309it's so simple, cutting and pointed.

Prize on the way!
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