Saturday, November 30, 2013

Show Your Love to Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Humans are so fragile. "It's been two weeks since the HAIYAN TYPHOON barrelled into the Philippines on the 8th of November but the search for bodies continues. This monster typhoon has injured over 20,000 people and over 1,600 people were reported missing up to date. More than 800, 000 people had been asked to leave their homes - that do not exist anymore as a result to the catastrophic disaster. The death toll has spiked to 5,235 and the list just keeps getting longer."- Nuffnang Malaysia

It's really sad to hear about the Haiyan Typhoon which happened in Philippines.It's a natural disaster, normal human-being like us would never be able to avoid such disasters, but that doesn't mean that we can't do anything. We can try to give out some help and show them some love by donating money for the Typhoon relief works. In fact, this is not about 'money', this is a matter of 'life'. What's more important than life?

Please do your part to help out the victims. Who would have imagined that, everything's demolished one day and even your family or friends have passed away, and you're being left there hopelessly and feeling lost.

Nuffnang Bloggers can contribute by donating Nuffnang earnings to them. I've done my part, have you?

More information on how you can show your love to Typhoon Haiyan Victims, please click:
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