Friday, November 29, 2013

Oh, snap!

I recently... hmm, actually since October, I think, I no longer use my Blackberry. I recently use my new phone, which is Samsung Galaxy Core. I first was not a big believer of Samsung. As a teenager, I prefer iPhone of course, hahaha! But since my parents don't believe in giving me an iPhone, so I got this Samsung phone instead. Turns out that Samsung is not bad at all! I just want to write here about how much I praise the camera quality from Samsung. I looove my new phone camera.

Anddd now I also want to share some snapshots or some pictures that I took with my Samsung. There are some pretty cool stuffs that happened lately, so I just want to share it here with my fellow loyal readers :p

Performed a drama for English class with all the props and the costumes. That was me, Adhit, Rildi, Aila, Fira, and Adinda. We adapted the classic story of Tom Sawyer, from Mark Twain's book. We were short in boys, so Aila must play a male character. It was really fun, and my group got the award of most entertaining drama in our class :D

Our Bahasa Indonesia teacher, Pak Tono, is an actor for Teater Koma! How cool is that? And he was the main character Teater Koma's newest production titled "IBU". So a lot of his students went to the show on 18 Nov 2013. We watched and gave him a big round of applause. Congratulations, Pak! By the way, the old man with the beard is Pak Tono in his costume. He doesn't look like that in real life of course, LOL.

I was the vice president of the student council at my school. On 3 October 2013, our time as the student council finally come to its end. We pass it on to our juniors. On the right, was me and Naomi. She was the president and I am her VP :D on the left, was all of the ladies of BPH (Badan Pengurus Harian). Yup, so six beautiful ladies as the president, vice president, secretaries, and treasurers. Girl power!

Now this one was taken by one of my friend's phone. Almost all of the student council members are here. Look at our happy faces and cool blue blazers :)

So my friends, the whole batch XVII, threw a costume party for Halloween. But it was held on 9th of November, so we call it Hallolate :D it was great because everyone got dressed up. I did not know what costume to wear, so I just wear black and got a mask. Those were some of my friends as a pirate, nerdy girl, shadow hunter, gladiator, skeleton, Agnes from Despicable Me, cat, Sully from Monster's University... and there were a lot more actually: cheerleader, animals (zebra, bunny), movie and cartoon characters (Thor, Perry the Platypus, Esmeralda, etc), real-life characters... everyone got so cool and creative with their costume haha! The party ambiance made me feel like I'm in a party of a bunch of highschoolers in the USA or something :p

Went on a camping trip with my fellow friends from Al-Izhar Science Community. We always have this annual science camp trip and that camping trip would be my last one since this is also my last year in high school :( but it was sooo much fun! A lot of the 12th graders joined, we took a jeep ride, walking through the forest, we even caught reptiles, animals, visited the primates... hehehe.

OK, do I sound narcissistic already, or what? Anyway, just want to show you peeps some lovely pictures with lovely people that means a lot to me :) I hope you enjoy this post! I'll write soon. Promise!

-elmyra n.k-
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