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2013 Movie List 50-41


So Day 6 is up today, nice random group of movies, most of which I enjoyed quite a bit. I'm getting everything ready for the holiday on Wednesday. (you know, that one where that one guy was born of a supposed virgin...yeah, that one) anyway I'm going to write all the rest tonight so they'll be guaranteed to be posted on time!

2013 MOVIE LIST50-41

50. Elysium

I went into Elysium almost giddy excitement. I loved District 9 and was really looking forward to the next Blompkamp movie. Well, instead of being Wowwed again I felt like I watched the same thing again, just with aslightly different set up. The whole movie was basically the same thing. Mild mannered guy gets infected and has to take down the system to survive and save a bunch of people in the process. It had great visuals but the story was so lazy and copied. and yet this one ended up much higher than I thought it would. Hmm...

49. 21 and Over

I'll start by saying I worked with Justin Chon on Detention of the Dead. When I saw he was in this I figured, why not? there are no vampires involved so I'll give it a shot. and I ended up liking it. It's a pretty solid Comedy with just enough stupidity and intelligence to balance themselves out. the only real negative is I saw Way too much of Justin, namely, Penis (get used to that, I see what the next movie is...)

48. Unhung Hero

Well, I'd keep this short, but I feel the need to Overcompensate a bit. Unhung Hero was fun, a little fun. It basically had only 1" real objective to the movie though. Small Penis. I told you to prepare yourself. anyway Unhung Hero was my favorite documentary of the year this year. That alone isn't too big, considering how minuscule my documentary list is this year. It's a ways down the list but I talk about this Little gem more than almost all of the rest of the movies on the list.

47. Monsters University

Pixar has fallen a bit its last few years, whether it's Disney forcing it's way to multiple unneeded sequels, or a new Disney Princess movie, Pixar has had some really lame movies. Monsters University was just OK. It wasn't amazing, and wasn't bad. I really wish it was ground breaking but it's a prequel, let's face it, prequels are always lower rated.

46. Jack the Giant Slayer

Same Director as X-Men and Superman returns. that was my major motivation to see this. I wasn't disappointed, it was a fun ride, full of cool visuals and sounds. the overall story seems overdone but it was fun to watch. It's one of those films that you enjoy watching but ultimately forget about afterwards.

45. The East

Halfway through the TCFF I saw a little film Called the East. I had heard nothing but good reviews going into it, from everyone. so I went into it with high hopes. Unfortunately my movie buddy had to miss it so I watched it alone, boo. But it was good, not as amazing as everyone was heralding it to be but I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

44. Now You See Me

Magician movies are tricky. Do you go with the mystical way or the 'practical, it's all a trick' way like Illusionist or Prestige. well Now You See Me tried to be practical. But kinda went too far with it. I really enjoyed the movie but after repeat viewings it really fell apart, still enjoyable but not as solid as I thought.

43. Trust

Trust is technically a few years old. But it's one of my favorites of this year. It's exceptionally hard to watch, what with the main storyline being about a girl being raped by an online friend, but it was amazingly well acted. it'd be higher rated if I didn't feel depressed and dirty afterwards. This one might get bumped off because of the original release date.

42. Mama

Hey a horror movie! This one is a little odd. It's the only one I'd consider seeing having been seen for the first time on a first date, ever. Because of that I think the movie got heightened a bit. I really enjoyed Mama, for the first 90%. It was creepy and generally kept me up for a couple nights due to creepiness. the only issue I had with it was the last 10 minutes. they decide to buck the creepy vibe and shoot off in a different direction, showing too much of Mama and ultimately becoming confusing and a letdown.

41. Austenland

I know I know, this movie's for girls. And screw you, I enjoyed it. It's a fun light Rom Com. The closing movie at this year's TCFF was a fun take on real life Jane Austen novels. There's not much I can say about it other than it's probably not for males, ye been warned

So there's Day 6, only 4 days left! are you following yet?
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