Sunday, December 22, 2013

51 Things I'm Thankful For...

Earlier this year I did a post about the and so I figured if I was going to do a thankful post it was going to be 51 Things I'm Thankful For.I've been writing this list for a month and here is the list I came up with.There is a lot more that I am thankful for than just this list but here are 51 of them in random order!

1. Family group text messages.(The best ones are when my brother talks about ornithology he's kind of a nerd.)

2. UVU sidewalks that look like a giant game of hopscotch.(I think I walk on those more than I walk on the actual sidewalk.)

3. Receiving videos of my nephews from my sister.(My favorite ones are of the twins laughing at each other.)

4. Collecting cute quotes from Pinterest.

5. The feeling of peace and security I feel when doing endowment work, or any work, at the temple.(I'm love everything about LDS temples.)

6. My relationship with my electric blanket and a good book.(My favorite winter hobby is just reading all snuggled up in my blanket.I know I'm boring but I love it!)

7. The smell of freshly baked cookies and homemade bread on a stormy day.(It warms me right up!)

8.My 3-year-old nephew that knows math and the 50 states better than I do.(He's the cutest little nerd who says he is thankful for the solar system on Thanksgiving.)

9. Yoga.(Shavasana is the best pose of all because you are basically just taking a nap.)

10. Coleen.(She is a very enthusiastic Zumba instructor at the Provo Rec Center that kicks my butt twice a week.)

11. Clients that remind me why I love my job.

12. Watching all 8 of my nephews create chaos when they are all at grandma's house for Sunday dinner.

13. Throwing themed parties.(Cookie Monster cookie party to pumpkin parties You name it and I'll plan it!)

14. When complete strangers help me scrape the snow/ice off my car.

15. Southern hospitality and accents.(Slightly obsessed with the south.I keep telling my mom I'm moving to Tennessee one day.)

16. When Spotify seems to read my mind and plays the songs that fit my mood.

17. Dark chocolate truffles.

18. The smell of new cars. (The smell of new car is finally gone from my car and I miss it.)

19. A blind date that actually turns out really well.(Blind dates are always a risky thing but when they turn out well they can restore your hope in dating.)

20. 7/11 hot chocolate with hazelnut creamer.(LOTS of hazelnut creamer!)

21. Being tipped $100 from a client "just because it's Christmas".

22. The Latter-Day Celebration choir at the Orem Institute of Religion.(They never cease to amaze me.)

23. Did I mention how much I love my nephews?

24. Goodreads.(Who knew that they had a Facebook only for books?Slightly obsessed with it right now.Too many books to read now!)

25. Decorating the Christmas tree every Thanksgiving weekend.(I look forward to it every years)

26. Peppermint shakes from Chick-fil-a.(I'm lucky if I can limit it to just one a week right now!)

27. Alone time.(Sometimes I just like to shut myself in my room so I can be alone and take the time to breathe.)

28. My new lighthouse calendar for 2014.(Yeah, my obsession is becoming slightly ridiculous.)

29. Fairy Tales.(No matter what you think about fairy tales I believe that they bring a spark of hope into people's lives.)

30. A roommate who will change the toilet paper roll when it runs out.(For some reason I really don't like changing the roll.)

31. Coming home to a clean kitchen with no dishes in the sink.(It means everyone actually did their own dishes or Susan just decided to be nice and do everyone's!)

32. Gum. (I think I go through at least 2 packs a week.I'm always paranoid about having good breath.)

33. Modern technology when I have to do haircuts on small children.(Sometimes I believe iPads and iPhones were invented to keep them still long enough to cut their hair.)

34. When my roommate and I send eCards and Memes via texting everyday just to cheer each other up!(We have to at least send one or two a day now.)

35. Moments in life when you realize you actually lived in the moment.(You realize that life is better when you are present in every moment.)

36. Teaching Sunday school.(I love when I get to compare the last Harry Potter movie to the Armor of God.Who's the best teacher ever?!)

37. When I make the "Tinkerbell impression" on clients that they call the salon asking to be booked with the girl that looks just like Tinkerbell.

38. Paintings of Christ in the act of prayer.

39. Vocal Point.(I think I have listened to their Lead Thou Me On album more than anything else the past few months.It really is that good.)

40. Going on dates with my roommate/best friend Susan.(Our favorite date is an endowment session and dinner.Yep we are pretty awesome!)

41. Chick-fil-a advertising. (For some reason I get a kick out of the cows painting the billboards.)

42. Fingernail polish.(I paint my nails WAY too much!)

43. The magic of Christmas lights.

44. For instructors/professors who have made a difference in my life.(Some of the most influential people in my life, besides my family, have been my institute teachers.)

45. The ladies in the UVU Student Affairs office.(I loved my weekly visits to their office to chat with them.)

46. Running.(It beats just pacing the apartment when I'm anxious.)

47. My Uncle John that lives in California.(He's funny and sometimes slightly annoying but he has a good heart and is always good to us.)

48. Friends who live their religion, and not the culture.(The culture gets old but the religion never does.)

49. Differences in opinions.(Sometimes we see differentiating opinions as we see from constant debates over Facebook.Aren't we supposed to embrace the fact that we are all different?Why do we try to force everyone to live just one-way and believe in just one thing?)

50. Healthy food.(I'm almost feeling all sugared out from all the holiday sweets.It's more refreshing to eat a salad.)

51. Opportunities.
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