Saturday, December 21, 2013

call the spouse using the name!

hai india the wives do not call their husbands using their is perceived as disrespect!...olden days ladies only give clues to identify their husband's name...they will not tell their husband names...during fifties and sixties 'natha' might have been used, or may be in thirties and forties...thereafter 'athhaan', 'yennanga', 'maamaa', etc came in i think it stands at yennanga and maamaa...when you have 'respect' then the 'love and affection' suffers...respect comes in between the two in showing unlimited, boundary less intimacy, love and affection...

so, throw away that damn 'yennanga' and 'maama'....

call him using his name. In fact, call every one using the name. Throw away all 'respect'ing words...if they get angry, they are rigid, old, 'master-slave', conditional love giving / peace giving, autocratic masters...monsters...coffins! decide what to do with them!

if you feel shy of changing from maamaa, as you have been using it for decades, change over to 'maamoiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' and then slowly to the name!

Call people by name. The sweetest music to anyone's ears is the sound or his / her own name!...this is one among the reasons why we talk so closely, for long time, freely, to our friends than to our spouses. It brings people closer.

closely yours

rams-psychologist and sociologist
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