Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catching up

I'M HERE! I haven't been blogging like I normally do, but I'm back! I didn't mean to take a break from it, just happened. Home life has been different with Blake not working, our routines have changed a bit and I haven't made blogging a priority. Luckily I'm not very behind.

This post will be kind of all over the place, but I have to start somewhere!

My parents bought Milo slippers, Monsters Inc of course! They barely stay on, you can't help but laugh at him wearing those. Milo really likes that movie and points out anything and everything that has Mike, Sully, or Boo on it. When Ferris was his age he was into Cars, it's cute to see Milo have a favorite of his own.

One day Ferris wanted to watch a movie with a couple stuffed animals. Blake and I kept piling them on and he was one happy boy.

We had snow and some freezing weather a couple of weeks ago. The boys were overjoyed to see snow! Blake took them out to play (though they didn't last long, too cold!) and then he went to the store for hot cocoa, he's a good dad.

Ferris was funny, explaining to me that snow gets you wet and is icy. Maybe he expected it to be dry and fluffy? He kept saying it's snowing because it's almost Christmas. That boy is on a Christmas countdown! We have advent calendars for the boys (something I always thought was cool when I was little kid, but I don't think we ever had them) and every morning he reads the number and asks me how many more days until Christmas, and is then disappointed at whatever number I say. He also doesn't understand why people say Merry Christmas when it's NOT Christmas yet?!

We have good news, God has been answering our prayers. Everything is set up for Blake to go to school, and receive TUI (Trade Act Unemployment Insurance). This means he'll receive unemployment the whole time he's in school, since his job was essentially shipped overseas and he was laid off. He'll use the GI Bill to pay for school so that we'll receive a housing allowance. It won't be the full amount since the program he's taking is 100% online. (But that doesn't mean he'll be doing his schoolwork from home, we both agree he'll be more productive if he goes to school every day.) I'm grateful that everything has worked out, and I feel confident this will set Blake on a new path to a career that he enjoys. I look back at how scared I was when I found out he was getting laid off, the tears I cried, and the prayers I said. God has provided, as He always does. Now we both feel at peace and excited for what's next.

Having Blake home has been going well, somehow we haven't been arguing or getting tired of each other, haha. We spend individual time with the kids, do fun things as a family, and also give each other breaks. All of our Christmas shopping is done and this year we took the boys to get gifts for each other. Milo is a little young to fully understand, but Ferris had fun picking something out for his brother and is excited to give it to him. I want them to learn how good it feels to give.

Blake and I were able to buy each other gifts this year, yay! We set a budget, including Christmas Eve pajamas and stocking stuffers. It felt good to spoil him and I can hardly wait for him to open his gifts. We were also able to shop for our parents (last year we were so broke all we did was print them pictures!). It feels so good to do nice things for them again. We had fun shopping for the boys and put a lot of thought into what we got them, we certainly didn't go overboard, just a few things each. They're going to be thrilled though! Ferris already knows what he's getting, even though he hasn't seen it. It's like a repeat of his birthday when he knew he was getting an aircraft carrier from Planes. What can I say, the boy knows what he wants and that's ok! He doesn't know what his grandparents got him, so those will be surprises.

Milo's been enjoying looking through family photo albums/photo books, here he is looking at our Great Wolf Lodge one.

He's still his adorable little self, talking, talking, talking! He's started to show more independence and be stubborn sometimes (running away when it's time to get jammies on, etc.), but for the most part he'sour compliant, easy going guy. One day I told him he was such a big boy, and he smirked and said, "Big Momma!" I laughed and said, "Hey, don't call me Big Momma!" He tilted his head and asked, "Tiny Mom?" Ohh, it was funny! Recently we went to Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time, for a friend's birthday party, when Milo saw the mouse mascot, he about flipped! He did a double take, then ran to Blake. He asked for me and when I held him he was TREMBLING! So sad!

He's taking less bossing around from Ferris, he's still nice most of the time, but sometimes, when he wants what he wants... watch out. He'll yell at Ferris, "Go yours room Rerris!"

Milo likes Christmas music, he either asks for Jingle Bells (I'm desperate to get video of him singing it!) or Jingle Bell Rock. As soon as I start the car, "Jingle Bell Rock, Mom?" He also makes this funny scrunched up face every time he smells something. Even if it's a nice smell he makes the face, and asks, "Smells yike?"

Ferris' behavior has been better, we still have struggles but we're working through it. He's learning how to change his mood faster, how to get over upsets, and not stay mad. Recently he's began feeling remorseful when he's hurt mine or Blake's feelings by misbehaving. One night he was upset about Blake tucking him back in bed after he got up, he wanted me to do it, but I was rocking Milo. Well, he yelled at Blake and said something mean (I don't remember what). About an hour later he came out of his room just sobbing. I couldn't even understand what he was saying, finally he said clear enough, "I ruined my whole life!" I asked what was wrong, he said it was because he yelled at Daddy. So he went and apologized and Blake held him. Then I told him his life wasn't ruined, he just felt bad and was upset. He agreed. I sang songs to him and he stopped crying. As sad as that sounds, it's a big step forward! Feeling remorse and empathy is a natural consequence, so we can remind him that he should speak kindly, so he doesn't hurt feelings and feel bad later.

Enjoying his cocoa in his Ranger mug from Yellowstone from Aunt Brittney

He's been wanting to be "one of the guys" with Blake. He wants to stay up and watch Gold Rush, likes watching football, he cheers when Blake does, and high fives him. They got our Christmas tree together and Ferris told me that he carried the top while Blake carried the bottom. It's just adorable and it makes Blake feel good. He talks about hunting a lot and asks Blake to read him his hunting magazines. The other day he told me that when he grows up he's going to a Marine, then a Police Officer.

One evening we rented Monsters Inc. University and the guys made pizza. Ferris is wanting to help in the kitchen and do more crafts and projects. He takes helping seriously and is good at following directions.

...Milo just stood on the stool and ate pineapple, haha.

Ferris and Milo's pizza - Milo's half is the cheese side

We laid a towel on the living room floor and let the boys eat picnic style, they thought that was fun. Even Milo watched the entire movie with us, that's a first! He just loves those monsters.

More blogging to come, the hiatus is over!
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