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Cool Products Wednesday, December 25, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWGate so much that we're bringing the game out in English soon. We also got the 2014 anime calendar in stock for you!

Everyone wants to spend a year with a harem of awesome anime girls, and this year's Infinite Stratos giant glossy poster-calendar is dreamy!

While we'll be continuing our Fuku-bukuro grab bags through mid-January, the snack grab bags will disappear sooner. Grab one if you want one!


If you've still got someone to buy a gift for, why not score some otaku cred with them by getting a J-List Gift Certificate? They're processed electronically and will be sent -- either to your recipient or to you, so you can print the gift certificate out yourself -- by email without a few hours of receipt. J-List Gift Certificates can be used on both J-List and JBox. It makes the perfect gift.

See some great figures posted today, incl. Metroid, Link from the Legend of Zelda, PhotoKano, Beach Queen and more.

Also: although we were told the Woody Revoltech was sold out for good, we managed to score another dozen or so copies. Be his favorite deputy.

A shirt for anyone who loves manga about magical girls and their adventures, especially when it includes cute cats and handsome love-interests.

Also, our Hayao Miyazaki x KFC parody tribute T-shirt is in stock and ready to be ordered from San Diego. It's Totoro Lickin' Good!

Keep your behind warm this winter with an extra soft pair of Japanese spats. Also great for protecting against panty-shots.

Here's a warm pair of Japanese black stockings that are sure to add extra warmth and style to your daily life.

If you're a fan of Hideyoshi and Yukimura, we've restocked our popular otokonoko sized cosplay products for "crossplay" fans.

Become a super soft and huggable rabbit, in this new hoodie from Japan. Just don't wear this during hunting season.

If you love Rilakkuma, see the items we restocked today, including tea cups, plush toys and the most famous condoms in Japan.

Help keep your body free from nasty germs and viruses, thanks to this high quality Japanese facial mask.

We're loaded with awesome Sailor Moon products, like the new Sailor Venus figure that's selling like moon-shaped hotcakes.

The Sailor Moon stationery items are also a hit, but be warned: SunStar is not printing more and all these items are selling out fast.

I found a great album with 27 great hits by Hatsune Miku, plus the !

Takoyaki or breaded octopus conveniently shaped into small bite sized spheres, is a popular food item originating from Osaka.

The ultimate time travel Sci-Fi story, Steins;Gate, is one of the best VN games ever made. The package is being printed in Japan now for shipping in 2014!

Get the Steins;Gate game for your game systems and enjoy this epic sci-fi romantic comedy.

El Psy Congroo!

Why not set a new goal for 2014, making this the year you learn Japanese? We've got great products in stock to help you out!

Great pens and mechanical pencils for artists of all levels, plus erasers and other cool Japanese stationary items. Click to see now!

Enjoy the taste of real Japanese sake (alcohol) flavors with these deluxe chocolates.

We love to carry fun snacks from Japan, and today we have wacky poop-shaped chocolate plus...oppai?

Enjoy traditional Japanese tastes this New Year's including awesome amazake, a hot drink enjoyed in the winter.

Enjoy super awesome Japanese snacks too, incl. UHA Puccho, Choco-Neri, Avocado Cheese Doritos + that heavenly Bull-Dog Sauce.

Jump into the cute and artistic world of bento lunches, now with even more cuteness thanks to these fun restocked boxes.

Make lunch a special time everyday with these Sandwich Shapers that turn your boring sandwiches into kawaii works of art plus other bento accessories.

We defy anyone to find a cuter panda or frog coffee cup than the awesome ones we're restocking today. Click to browse now.

Keep your feet nice and cozy with these kawaii animal foot warmers. Japan always comes through for us.

A fun 'magical' sakura tree of your very own and have a symbol of Japan in your own room all year round.

We sell a lot of cool items from Japan, and one of our favorite categories of products are our sake cups, so fun for throwing some back with friends.

Here's a treat for fans of the hit anime series Sailor Moon! A six figure box set containing your favorite characters. Collect all 6 figures. Preorder fast.

From the popular Sega RPG Shining Ark, here's a beautiful preorder figure of Sakuya in her Seraphim Mode. Absolutely fantastic!

A great figure for fans of Cammy, the most gorgeous (and muscular) girl in Street Fighter's pantheon. Preorder now!

Wow! This is one of the nicest figures we've seen in a while, with fantastic detail and enough cuteness to turn any frown upside down. Click to see.


We got in a big volley of the most popular ecchi 2014 calendars, with all your favorite JAV stars and sexy models.

There's a lot to love about Japan's high quality glossy photobooks, and we've restocked several, incl. Kana Yume, Ito Ono, and Nanami Kawakami.

See ecchi manga restocked, including Ayakashi Oppai, Slave Wife, Royal Bitch Garden, Chitsunai Sho Unchu, Kuikomi wo Naoshiteru Hima wa Nai + more.

Fans of yuri will not be disappointed with this anthology with stories of cute girls engaged in warm, loving, and sometimes rocky relationships.

A nice update of ecchi artbooks today, including the popular Hinata Katagiri, Samurai Bride, Push! Illustration Carnival and more.

You can always find fun ecchi products from Japan, and these figures, with clothing that can be "reconfigured," are great.

If you love , an honestly who doesn't, then this cup of chocolate is sure to please.

See fun onahole toys posted today, including some based on your favorite characters. Browse now.

See some of our best personal stress toys restocked, including the Onnanoko no Learning to Love and Hello Kupa super detailed toys.

Live a happy and clean onanie life with this amazing detergent especially engineered for onaholes. Personal lotion restocked too!

We restocked some of our most popular novelty toys, incl. the Monster Hunter toys, Nurse CQ Clinic, Moe Heaven and Thickness Grows Into a Habit.

One of the most amazing concepts from Japan ever, this is a USB powered stress toy + 3D Custom Girl simulation eroge.

We also love live-action lesbian productions, especially when they're incredibly innovative and feature beautiful Japanese actresses.

There's a strong traditional of ero cosplay in Japan's AV world, and we've restocked some of our favorite titles today. Enjoy browsing.


Finally, a great update of ecchi products, including the Sailor Moon cosplay ero parody works, some great works with Hitomi Tanaka, School Love Dolls HD, Ero Venus 8 Hours, Shunka Juice 100% starring Shunka Ayami, Tsundere Inran Shoujo Sukumi, Beautiful Paipan Doll from Eastern Europe, plus the Female Juice of Aimi Yoshikawa and more!
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