Tuesday, December 24, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS!The real meaning of Christmas is the Celebration of the Anointed One!LOVE IS... and HOPE IS.... LOVE IS...Spending the evening with Harry and his girlfriend Kesley passing out these stuffed animals to kids that will spend Christmas in the hospital .Harry and I have done this for the past several years - WOW! it is awesome to see these kiddo's (and the parents) eye's light up - what a great feeling!

LOVE is...Katfishing with Harry and my nephew Peyton.What a GREAT KID!I am so proud of both of them!Not only are they both smart as a whip - here Peyton out fished me AND Rick this particular day - which is hardly EVER done! LOVE is...FRIENDS! they add fun, inspiration and meaning to our lives - like Barney and this monster Kat he pulled in! LOVE is...Sassy - only friend I've had that NEVER says anything about my faults!Although, I am sure by the way she looks at me - she is concerned from time to time.She has to be the BEST Katfishing sniffing dog EVER LOVE is...Watching your son grow into a fine young man!Here is Harry and his girlfriend Kelsey - before a date night! LOVE is...Dad and Mom with Harper - we are so lucky to have such awesome role models... Not only involved in our life - BUT in their grandkids and NOW their GREAT Grandkids life!!! LOVE is...Having friends that do not mind sharing 'moments' with me! This is my little brother from another mom - Mark - he and his wife Tracie are a gift each day to our family!

LOVE is...Caits (my incredible niece) getting a sweet kiss from my granddaughter Addie

LOVE is...Alex (Ali), Ash and Caits... I am soooo lucky to have such great kids...!I cannot believe that Ali and Ash are Mommy's now!They are wonderful Moms! LOVE is...Catching Big Kats with NickBoth Ash and Ali are blessed to have such great husbands and that makes all of us blessed LOVE is...Hanging anywhere and doing anything with Harry!

LOVE is...Eating dinner with awesome Kids!

LOVE is...Seeing my beautiful wife laugh!

LOVE is...Christmas pictures from not long ago!Nothing better than being with family whenever possible!Behind us is the chimney that Santa has come down for the past 29 years!

LOVE is...Friends that give from the heart and expect nothing in return!Here-Ed and I are working a Special Olympics tennis event... Ed is one of the finest Official I have ever had the pleasure to know - and an even better friend. LOVE is...Harper, Will and AlexLove is seeing your daughters happy with their families!

LOVE is...Our BaBa and AddieI have learned that tradition is important to a family. No one knows tradition like BaBa - we are so blessed to have her love, kindness, and incredible values!

HOPE IS...The fact that my parents taught my sister and me - that whatever you put into something you will get back. They taught us to have FAITH.Hope is knowing that God has made a promise that his son will return.Hope is knowing that each of us has purpose and responsibility.I am proud to be a Christian and thankful for each of my family members and friends.MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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