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Old School Lane's Top 10 Worst Nickelodeon Christmas Specials

It's Christmas Eve and it's time to finish watching a marathon of Christmas films and specials before the holiday is over. As some of you know, I did a recap of my top 12 Nickelodeon Christmas specials last year which you can check out right . For every awesome Christmas special, there are at least two of them that are mediocre or just plain bad. Nickelodeon is absolutely no exception to this rule as there are a lot of crappy holiday specials. Which are the worst of the worst? Which Christmas specials from the former #1 kids' network are the equivalent of stale fruit cake and rotten eggnog? Let's find out.

10. A Rocket X-Mas from Rocket Power

In this episode, Reggie and Otto don't want to continue their dad Ray's Christmas traditions since they feel they're getting too old for it. Meanwhile they save up for purchasing a surfboard for him by walking dogs for their neighbors. They've been so busy that they've neglected being around Ray who wants to continue to follow the traditions of a Rocket Christmas such as dressing up in Santa hats singing Christmas songs around the neighborhood. Eventually, they've saved up enough money and bought the surfboard. However, Ray feels alone and left out and cancels the traditions. Reggie and Otto then approach him wearing their Santa hats and saying that they'll join him in the traditions. Ray reveals some surprise gifts that their mother had been saving for them before she died saying that Christmas was always a special time for her and Ray kept the traditions in her honor. Reggie and Otto gave him the surfboard and the special concludes with them surfing.

This holiday special had some potential to be decent, but ends up being very mediocre and forgettable. The one thing that bothered me was the fact that Ray telling the story of Reggie and Otto's mother about the importance of Christmas and then pretty much forgets about the true meaning of the holiday by showing off the surfboard. He had more emotions on getting a new surfboard then telling the story of why the Christmas traditions are important to him. This was the first time that we had any knowledge of Reggie and Otto's mother and we wouldn't get too much of a backstory until a year later in the TV movie Rocket Power: Island of the Menehune. The one character that was never mentioned throughout the 4 year run of the show was finally brought up and was heavily rushed just to bring a message across that was thrown out the window just as quickly when the surfboard appeared. That is disappointing. Plus the one dimensional characters in Rocket Power doesn't help this special either.

9. A Very CatDog Christmas from CatDog

In this special, CatDog are getting ready for Christmas with Dog just wanting a special Christmas gift to give to Cat and Cat wanting everything. When Rancid appears to CatDog saying that he wants to buy them to give to his niece for Christmas because she already has everything, Cat accepts. However, Santa hears about this and cancels Christmas due to people's greedy nature. The townsfolk hears about this and rushes to get CatDog to Santa so that he can return Christmas to Nearburg. In the end, Dog brings back Christmas with simple decorations, gifts, and the joy of friends and family.

This special is dull, boring, and predictable. I feel the same way about all the other CatDog specials and the show all together. It brings nothing new to the table and it has a generic, cliched message of Christmas not being about the gifts and blah, blah, blah. The only thing I can say about this special is that it exists.
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