Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Three Pages From The Atomic Legion By Mike Richardson And Bruce Zick

On the third day of Christmas, Bleeding Cool gave to me, three unseen pages from Dark Horse Comics original graphic novel years in the making, written by MIKE RICHARDSON and illustrated by BRUCE ZICK.

For young Robby, surviving a plane crash was just the beginning of an incredible adventure. Swept away to a hidden fortress, built by a mysterious scientist known only as the Professor, Robby encounters monsters, robots, and superheroes from the past, all hiding from the cynical society that rejected them years ago. When the evil Dr. Rue Morgue kidnaps the Professor, it's up to Robby to rally the misfit denizens of the fortress, to goad them into overcoming their fear of the modern world, and to push them into once again joining forces as the Atomic Legion!

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