Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wreck It Ralph: Two Face and Mr. Freeze's Revenge!!


It was the day before Christmas Eve! The biggest day of the year tomorrow!

All the trains were cancelled and every engine was getting their time off. They felt more relaxed than ever. Even for the narrow gauge engines. All was well except two Batman villains. Mr. Freeze and Two Face. They want to do one last thing they want for Christmas. Kill any anime enemies. This was going to be a big hunt for them. Thomas, John's friend watched as they leave, when the Scarecrow was up at him. Two Face was armed with a submachine gun, as Mr. Freeze has his freeze ray. He eve brought his two polar bears.

Sergeant Ghost: "I think we outta pay one last visit to those anime enemies".

Thomas: "Right you are".

Scarecrow: "And we might need these".

An assault rifle for Ghost, and a musket for Thomas. They ran after them. It began to get chilly and chilly, as Mr. Freeze took off his helmet to feel the cold air. Judy Tate went to bed, as she brought two guests along with her from the Anime Video Game City. They loves Christmas too. Amy, Mina, and Lita also. All were happy except Madoka and Kagome. Kagome's mother brought her inside as Madoka would look out the window. She thought how would she see John Smith again. But that wasn't long. New guests from the Kalos region of Pok mon came for a visit besides Alexa and her big Goat. Their names were Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont. They wanted to see other Pok mon for sure. Two Face, Scarecrow, Thomas, Mr. Freeze, and Sgt. Ghost were in the trees hiding. They were high up on some branches. Before Judy could go to bed, the kids wanted to thank her for the sleepover.

Clemont: "Judy, we thank you very much for when we are here".

Bonnie: "I also will think about bringing you some Pok mon from the Kalos-"


(All 5 heroes jump out of the trees and into the base)

(Mr. Freeze shoots at Sakura)

Sakura: "Ahh! Cold!".

Judy Tate: "Freeze!" (points at her)

Mr. Freeze: "That's Mr. Freeze to you!"

The polar bears came in too as they started attacking! Mr. Freeze freezing everything, as the rest open fired. Scarecrow didn't had a weapon. All he did was threw fear gas in grenades! They laughed a lot except Thomas and Sgt. Ghost. The guests ran away and hid. Nazuna, a anime girl from the video game of "Inuyasha" grabbed a torch, and threw it right at the Scarecrow!

Scarecrow: "Not this! Ahhh!"

He was burned to death, from his scarecrow form to his body form. His real body was burnt and botched to his muscles. He was frying like cooking bacon! The anime enemies never had a interruption attack like so! Mr. Freeze's helmet was smashed as he started gasping as the polar bears dragged him, when Two Face got shot by Kikyo when she shot him with poison at the tip of her arrow. He died instantly after his eye was stabbed by her arrow on the rough side of his face. A gunship came to the rescue just in time with Sgt. Tony Meserve, Pvt. Max Eriksson, and other Vietnam American soldiers from the video game of "Battlefield: Vietnam". Along with them on board was Dr. Catherine Hasley!

Sgt. Tony Meserve: "Behind you!"

(Sgt. Ghost shoots at Pok mon)

Sgt. Ghost, and Thomas got in the gunship as they and the polar bears dragged the dead bodies of Two Face and Scarecrow as Mr. Freeze was gasping. They pulled him aboard just in time! Dr. Catherine Halsey was placed on speakerphones to talk with Judy.

Dr. Catherine Halsey: "The secrecy of the war had to be jeapordised. The wreck of Digimon for what they did what was wrong as we faced difficulties. If our games were busted, no one will ever play video games like so thanks to Digimon and Pok mon slack. And the rest of anyone's slack thanks to different monsters such as Bakugan and Beyblade creatures. Surrender and go back to your place, which is the Anime Video Game City. Its where you belong. Home. Your natural place".

Judy Tate: "We lived through casualties and more, but never like this. We lost Tai, TK, Agumon, Tyson, his Dragoon, and more. We know for what we did what was wrong. Even when we almost lost my Max. I had to do it. Promise me, no more prisoners".

That would only depend on her. Before taking off, they made a funeral for Scarecrow and Two Face as their bodies were cremated. Ghost never spoke a word. They're nothing but ashes of all what's left of those two. They were blown away into the night sky into the cold air. Sgt. Tony Meserve was the one who lighted the fire as he brought back his submachine gun. They flew away in a gunship as they were outta sight. Mr. Freeze was suspended on Christmas Eve for a week or two in a jail cell for what he did out there that was wrong for the death of his two friends. His polar bears were safe, as he thought of Nora Fries, his ill wife. This was the one he ever loved after a bit serving in this war. There was just one thing, that he was almost done as his wife would feel well again. Then he would be loved with his wife forever more. He loved her more than ever on Christmas Eve.
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