Sunday, November 17, 2013

[10/22 ~ 1025] Drawing kaijus

This week has actually been very productive! I finished the drawings for the four main characters of Ultra Q and have started to draw the kaijus (monsters) from the show. So far I finished the rough draft for Gomes, the monster from the first episode of Ultra Q. I'm planning on drawing Litra as well.

What's so great is that I'm improving rapidly thanks to all the drawings I've been doing! I never drew anything aside from humans so drawing monsters all of a sudden posed a huge challenge for me. It took me approximately two days just to draw Gomes some what properly.

But now, I believe I obtained the necessary skills to draw organisms outside of humans! Drawing Gomes several times taught me how to draw a snout, a tail, and claws (although, I don't feel too confident with the claws yet).

Aside from the drawings, I haven't been doing much. I want to catch up on my anime and tokusatsu so maybe I'll watch them tomorrow or the day after.

I did finish reading the 8 volumes of "Hyougemono" that I borrowed from the library. And man... this series is fun! It's been beating my expectations like nothing, especially volume 7and 8. And volume 8 ends so well! I wish the library has more of this manga series... I have to wait until next Saturday though :(

Oh, and I'll upload the Gavan review and some of my drawings on Ultra G tomorrow!
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