Monday, November 11, 2013

10.29 DVD Release Date For 'GRABBERS':

I have not got the chance to check out 'Grabbers', as of yet.. But I hear it's a pretty freaking awesome.. The flick will land on dvd November 12th.. The film Stars: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Lalor Roddy, David Pearse, Bronagh Gallagher And Russell Tovey.. Written By: Kevin LehanePusher, "Coupling") is tasked with showing strait-laced police officer Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley; "Primeval," In Her Skin) her new beat. Not that there's much to police, as most of the community's troubles are caused by O'Shea himself. But strange doings are afoot: The crew of a fishing boat disappears, dead whales wash up on the shore, and a local lobsterman catches a mysterious tentacled creature in his trap.

Soon it becomes clear to O'Shea and Nolan that some unnatural creatures are out there, and they're hungry. But it turns out the alien monsters terrorizing the town are allergic to human blood with high alcohol content. So it's time to rally the villagers, arm the troops - and head to the pub!

GRABBERS, an IFC Midnight theatrical release and an Official Selection at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, was called "perfect midnight movie fare" by IGN's Chris Tilly. Director Jon Wright (Tormented) gives the film "the gleeful mischief of a gremlin trashing a plane engine," said NPR's Ian Buckwalter. Matt Glasby of Total Film called it a "bright, breezy Irish monster mash boasting gorgeous cinematography, appealing performances, and great SFX.
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