Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10tons' Trouserheart now available for Android

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10tons is a popular mobile developer responsible for such games as Tennis in the Face, King Oddball, and Joining Hands. Their latest mobile game goes by the name of Trouserheart, and it's a bit different from the group's previous titles.

Trouserheart is the tale of a King that ruled over a peaceful realm until the unthinkable happenedhis lovely leather trousers are stolen. Your job is to help King Trouserheart get his beloved britches back, and you'll do this by fighting menacing monsters and battling big, bad bosses. Controlling King Trouserheart is simple as well considering you only have a joystick and an attack button to deal with. It may be a simple hack 'n slash game, but it's a hack 'n slasher with a lot of heart and loads of humor.

The level layout behind Trouserheart didn't allow us to get an accurate count on the levels, but there appears to be around a dozen or so multi-roomed castles with bosses at the end. There may not be a slew of levels to conquer, but you will get to take them on in casual or hardcore mode. Permadeath is also included for those that like to live life on the edge, and there are a dozen achievements to shoot for as well.

Trouserheart was released at the end of last month on iOS, and as usual, Android users had to wait. It wasn't too long of a wait though, and after spending a little time with the game, we're happy to say that Trouserheart is a game fans of the hack 'n slash genre will definitely enjoy. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up 10tons Trouserheart for $1.99 on Google Play.

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