Sunday, November 17, 2013

12 tunes for your Halloween party

Yeah, so Halloween week is upon us. Thought you might like a little music to set the mood. Here are a few songs to check out and enjoy!

- It's just a jump to the left I think any list needs to start with this cult classic. Whether you are a fan of the movie, the song and video are pretty iconic.

- A great tune from CCR also appears at the end of one of my favorite monster movies, .

- Warren Zevon classic.

- Vincent Price's monologue in this song is epic. Easily one of the best videos of all time.

-Instant classic from Rockwell. Spooky.

- Ozzy is the prince of darkness and this is probably one of his darker songs.

- Golden Earring's 80s alt masterpiece. Not really spooky but The Twilight Zone is kind of the gold standard when it comes to bizarre sci-fi.

- If you celebrate Halloween without Rob Zombie you are doing something wrong. This song was actually inspired by Which is cool in it of itself. Yeah!

- It's more the video than the song. The video is pretty creepy, especially with the little alien poking around.

- Tom Petty knows Halloween.

- This song by Heart was inspired by the . Pretty cool, right?

- How could I not include Ray Parker Jr.s title song from the hit movie? No way!
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