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All Hallows' Eve

Available on DVD and Digital Download October 29thFrom IMAGE EntertainmentDirector: Damien LeoneWriter: Damien LeoneStars: Katie Maguire, Mike Giannelli, Catherine A. CallahanHorror3.5 Out of 5

"All Hallows' Eve is a disturbing horror treat that pulls you and holds you captive, until its ready to unleash a reign of terror that casts you into the story. A Wicked good film!" Char Hardin

All right I am the first to admit it that I am not a horror clown fan. With that being said however I did like Pennywise in Stephen King's "It". I guess I just have a fear of clowns. Some clown movies work for me where others do not even make it past the 20 minute limit. I did not like "Killer Clowns from Outer Space", "Clownhouse", "Dead Silence", "Kill Joy" or "S.I.C.K. Serial Insane Clown Killer" none of these were even remotely entertaining to me. So how is it that I am reviewing "All Hallows" Eve" from Image Entertainment? The Clown looked cool. There may appear to be no rhyme or reason to my way of thinking, but the Clown looked wicked cool. So I secured a copy of the film and this is my honest review of what I saw.

It wasn't until after I watched the film that I went back and listened to commentary from director Damien Leone and learned the three stories in this film were actually three short films he had done prior to this film. The use of Art the Clown (Mike Giannelli) in the feature was genius. I didn't love the film, but felt it had its moments and in the end I did like it. Art the Clown is not your red nose big hair floppy typical clown. He is dressed in black and white with white skull cap and white face with black make-up. He was not a talker more like a mime with these distinct expressions that looked creepy and came off very maniacal. But who is this character and what was the story about?

Katie Maguire as "Sarah"

Katie Maguire played Sarah a baby sitter in charge of two children Timmy (Cole Mathewson) and his sister Tia (Sydney Friehofer) on Halloween night. The kids are in home after trick or treating while their parents are out and they are home with Sarah. Timmy pulled out a tape from his sack and Sarah confiscated it immediately alarmed that it could be something not suitable for Timmy and Tia to watch. The children take a vote and elect to watch the film thus overriding Sarah's authority. Sarah gives in and at first she has the children stand out of the room as she starts the film. It isn't long before she knows this is not something giving as an innocent gesture and she puts the children to bed.

Sarah continues to watch the disturbing content on the television. The stories center around a killer clown. Each one is pushing the limits of what Sarah is comfortable with watching and what disturbs her most is when she realizes that all this time, the clown was getting closer to her reality and then it gets very interesting. A call from a frantic woman catapults Sarah into a living nightmare.

So basically this is a film within a film and the way it was carried out was wicked. Fans of blood and gore will delight in these stories. Fans of satanic stories will not be left out. This film has little something for all horror fans and it was good and entertaining. I would suggest when this one comes out on October 29th giving it a chance. The acting by Katie Maguire and the children was good the other actors were so/so, but the main character that held my attention was Art the Clown, he really was something to see. I liked his looks and his teeth were wicked. In this film there are demons, monsters and one hell of a killer clown packed with blood n' gore making this the perfect film to watch on Halloween Night. I still don't care for Clowns and now thanks to Art, I am even more disturbed by them. This films proved something else that you can take a low budget and make a good film.3.5 Out of 5.
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