Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Animated 'Addams Family' Movie Coming Soon

Happy Halloween, folks! To add to the eerie festivities, I am proud to report that The Addams Family is getting an , through MGM Studios.

Having traveled a long road, the canon has had many incarnations since the thirties. Beginning as a comic panel strip in The New Yorker, the series has gone on to be made into cartoon series, a beloved '60s television show, films, musicals, and now, feature length animation.

Attached to the project is Pamela Pettler, who worked on the wonderful Monster House. Pettler's screenplay will provide the groundwork for the film, while MGM will handle production fronts. Stay tuned to UTG for more news as the film gets closer to production. Hopefully they choose some fitting voice roles. Stay with us after the jump to check out a cool comic strip from the original panels, back from the 1930s.
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