Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Best Halloween Movies.

Halloween season is surely one of the highlights that we celebrate every year. It is the time where most of the people on earth think about their loved-ones that passed away, the time to reminisce their memory and most awesome thing of all the time where we want to scare ourselves. It's like allowing the fact that scary stuffs like ghost (good and bad), monster creatures, werewolves, vampires, zombies, and other supernatural phenomenon do exist!

Halloween parties, halloween costumes, most of your friends on social networking sites (like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tumblr) has it's own contribution to halloween (scary photo, video, stories, and etc), almost everything you see on tv goes into a halloween theme, ever your most fave comedy shows try to scares us. (Even my blog has it's halloween special) I mean it's inevitable, every corner of our city has it's own Halloween gimmicks. This is also the best time to watch horror movies at night. (Spooky Sound Effects)

So here's a few list of movies that will surely gives you goosebumps, difficulty to sleep at night (even if light is on), paranoia on dark places of your house, and other scary leftovers that these movies would surely give you. Good luck and have a fun-halloween!

Some of the best horror movies to watch:

6. Insidious. 2010

Best seen with friends cause it's fun to hear your friends scream. (I know cause we've tried). Sequel: Insidious 2

5.Days of Night. 2007

Its like a vampire slash movie version of the series the walking dead. Survival at it's fittest. Amazing storyline!

4. Blood the last vampire. 2000

Fresh from Japan, another vampire movie that I certainly enjoyed. I totally love to watch everything that has all the shades of vampires.

3. Jennifer's Body. 2009

With all the curiosity that a teen might have. With Megan Fox as the lead, they'll surely like this horror movie.

2. REC 1. 2007

My second best. The movie was close to reality since we have something in the world that no one can really explain. Twas like watching a foreign indie film. Sequel: REC 2&3

1. The exorcism of emily rose. 2005

My favorite of them all. Almost made me believe that I am actually sync with the movie. (After I watched the movie I really had trouble sleeping plus waking up on 3am. Oh great!)
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