Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bride of Frankenstein- 1935

In this sequel to the 1931 classic, if you have a weak heart, you better leave now. BecauseFrankenstein returns! In the search of a bride! Starring Boris Karloff, as the monster who was still alive after the burning windmill, who happened to be caught by the villagers, as he escape from prison in a matter of minutes, as he wanted a mate. He even met a blind man who taught him how to eat, smoke, drink, and talk. In "Young Frankenstein", it almost happened like this, except the blind hermit played by Gene Hackman placed the monsters finger on the candle. Peter Boyle as the monster went like this when this happened "Wow!"

The monster played by Boris was pretty good with the talking, as Colin Clive as Dr. Victor Frankenstein, had a friend and two assistants who were going to make a mate. This doc friend happened to have little people in jars! And then there was that crazy woman played by Una O'Connor who happened in "The Invisible Man" years later.

To the classic part, is when the operation was going well, they had to use kites to send into the storm to give life to this mate. As they carried the body to the surface, giving it electricity, the two assistants were killed by the monster by falling off of the castle. To the ending scene, Colin Clive said those words, "She's alive! Alive!". And to that, they gave her a white cloak as she wore the bandages. She was twitchy because of the electricity, as she had black hair, with a white stripe. She was now the Bride of Frankenstein. Unfortunately, when she met Boris and wanted her to be his friend, she hated him. Like the others. She would even like to hiss. This made the monster so cross, Victor and his wife Elizabeth left, as the monster pulled the lever to blow up the castle. This was no more as this completed two movies, one whole classic in this Universal Picture films based on the book by Mary Shelley.
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