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Case Study No. 1089: Aurroara Lee


A music video for the book, The Werewolf the librarian and I

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Animals of the Night

music video created from the book

The Werewolf, The Librarian and I

[scene opens with a female librarian (long red hair, black dress) standing in front of a green screen - which depicts a dark forest scene - as she begins to sing]

It is so hard being who I am

A stranger in a foreign land

I fear for myself and for all others

That is why I hide away from the world

[cut to a "werewolf" (i.e. a man wearing a wolf mask and furry gloves) standing next to the librarian, as she strokes his face]

But you and me, we are one and the same

We are one, we're just from a different land

[cut to a shot of the moon, then back to the librarian]

We are not monsters

We are animals


[cut to the werewolf standing next to the librarian again]

We are not monsters

We are animals


Of the night

[cut to the librarian running barefoot through the forest, as she finds the werewolf and leads him away by the hand]

He loved me like no other

We became one with our weaknesses

I loved our differences from the world

We hid away parts of us

Just to be in each other's arms

We loved each other

Like it would be the end of the world

[cut to the werewolf and the librarian walking across a small wooden bridge]

We are not monsters

We are animals


We are not monsters

We are animals


Of the night

[cut back to the librarian standing in front of the green screen, as she continues to sing]

I never believed he would ever hurt me

I have never believed he would ever try

[cut to the werewolf standing next to the librarian again, as he reaches for her chest and then walks backwards out of frame]

I never believed he would ever try to kill me

But he stole my heart, ripping it right from my chest

Now I die every time, every time I think of him

[cut to a shot of the moon, then back to the werewolf and the librarian standing in front of the green screen]

We are not monsters

We are animals


[cut to another werewolf (wearing an "Adidas" sweatshirt) grabbing the librarian by one arm, as the other werewolf grabs her other arm and they play "tug of war"]

We are not monsters

We are animals


Of the night

[cut to the librarian standing next to the sweatshirt-wearing werewolf]

We own the night

We are the monsters that you fear

[cut to the librarian wearing "Thriller"-style contact lenses and fake fingernails, as she stares into the camera]

We are the demons of your soul

We are the animals that kill

We are the animals


[cut to the librarian and the two werewolves holding hands, as she continues to sing]

We are monsters

We are animals


We are monsters

We are animals


Of the night

[they turn to the right, look up into the "sky", and raise their left hands upwards]

We are animals that follow the moon

[cut to the librarian leaning up against the sweatshirt-wearing werewolf]

We are

We are

[cut to both werwolves surrounding the librarian, as they slowly turn and look into the camera]


[the scene fades to black, as a stock "howling wolf" sound effect plays and "Animals Of The Night" appears on screen]

Directed by

Tim Gravelin

Written by

Erin Rambeau

Produced by

Urban Yeti Studios



Erin Rambeau


Justin Bayliss


Russel Simpson

Music Written by

Erin Rambeau

Camera Operators

Tim Gravelin

Richard Gravelin

Sound Department

Britney Moore

Sandra Lancaster


Tim Gravelin

From :

The Werewolf, the Librarian and I (Volume 1)

I was just a boring librarian, until an incident changed my life forever. I was transformed into a werewolf. Now I have to take control of my life and deal with a 350 lb ex-vampire who drinks synthetic blood and eats everything she can get her hands on and a stalker who is driving me nuts. Not to mention my mother who thinks she is being stalked by a foot fetish freak who loves her shoes!

From :

Aurroara Lee, a young librarian and recently turned werewolf, has to learn to cope with her new "curse," (which is mostly harmless, except that she turns into a wolf and eats left, not right, shoes) while working at the local library, which is part of a government study on how chocolate affects librarians. Aurroara also has a stalker and a friend who is part zombie and part dragon. Someone in this book is a tree nymph and someone else is part dinosaur and part caveman. And then a child runs around the library naked and poops on the floor. That's basically the book. You should read it. I really can't express how amazing this book is.And remember I am not the author of this book, just a concerned citizen.

From :


My name is Aurroara Lee. I am a librarian by day and a werewolf by night. I work at the "River wood's Library." The people I work with are, to say the least special.

My manager's name is Jillian Wright, she is a fairy. I mean a real fairy. She has the wand and the dust. Fairies are not as nice as people think. Well she isn't anyway. Dude half the time I think she is PMSing and the other half she is just plain mean. She never lets anyone take any vacations and will interrogate you to death if you call in sick. Everyone except for me. I think she is afraid I will turn into a werewolf and eat her and FYI if she pisses me off enough I will!!!!!!

The young lady under her is Kasmine Smith, her title is lead Branch Assistant. She is in charge when the manager is not in the building and she creates the schedule. Kasmine is a tree nymph. She is basically a tree, with a face and arms and legs and talk. Being a tree nymph has its down sides, like she is ubber afraid of fire and root rot. It has its up sides as well, such as it makes her really flexible. She is a great ballet dancer. She is limber and can stretch her limbs out beautifully.

Then there is Rosa Ackeman. She is the children's specialist and a catix (This by the way is a cross between her mother a cat and her father phoenix.) She is an orange and red stripped cat with gold wings. She was able to rise and die again, but she wouldn't burn, she would just loose all her fur and be reborn with new fur. She is great with the kids, and patient, quiet, and gives them rides. The kids love her.

Our teen specialist is Kalila Sweet. She is a humacorn. (Which is part human and part unicorn.) She has beautiful silver flowing hair. The teenage girls love to brush it and teenage guys like to throw hoops and try to make it around her horn.

There are over 17 people who work in this little library and throughout this book I will talk about each one of them. But first let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a werewolf. I live in a tiny town in Colorado, called River. It is quiet and not much happens here.

You are probably wondering how I became a werewolf. No, my mom is not a dog and my dad who is not human did not mate. No it didn't happen that way.

I am a nymphomaniac, in other words I LOVE sex! Well I was having sex with what is now my ex-boyfriend when he got a little too excited and bit my neck. He didn't tear into my throat and start eating my innards. Werewolves actually have self control! It is something they have mastered over the hundreds of years they have been here. They can control it as long as they are in human form, but when they are in werewolf form it is a lot harder to control.

Anyway so he bit me on the neck, he tasted my blood. He then bit into his tongue to control the urge to bite me again. He then drew blood from his tongue.

As he held himself above me I asked him what was wrong. As he opened his mouth to say "Nothing is wrong I am fine." Little droplets of his blood spilt out of his mouth and into my wound. It only took a week for my blood to fuse with his, and for me to transform for the first time into a werewolf.

It hurt like hell. Every bone in my body broke to expand. My two front teeth were extended out into over grown K-9 sized teeth. My nails became claws, razor sharp and deadly.

I ran. I ran from the howling, from the claws, from the fur, from the teeth. I ran until I realized I was running from myself. In a matter of minutes I had covered over 100 miles. I remember starting to run back, thinking I have to get home. Then I woke up in my bed, covered in blood.

For the first time ever I was afraid I killed someone. I turned on the news. The newscaster was talking about a brutal murder. "Oh god. What have I done? What have I done?" I screamed. I listened hoping it was no one I knew. "The massacre happened late last night. Five are supposedly dead. Only bits and pieces are left of them. The other three hid inside the house and were not harmed."

"Oh my god I killed five people. I am a murderer. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!"

I fell to the floor and started rocking back and forth. "Help me, I am a murderer," I kept saying. I looked up at the news caster. "We will never know who killed these five today, but we can only hope they have a clucking good time in the afterlife." She said with a laugh.

I sat there dumb founded. "What the hell?" I said.

The news caster at the news station came on. "The police believe the killer of the five chickens to be a dog or coyote. So make sure you keep all your animals safely inside at night. Thank you and good night."

I started crying in relief. I had never felt more relieved than I just did. I hadn't murdered anyone, I just had some chicken.

For the next few days I looked up online everything I could about werewolves. How they lived, where they came from, their transformation schedule so it didn't c-inside with mine, like it would matter. I learned a lot. I learned a lot more two weeks later. Kevin my current ex, is the man who made me into what I am today, came back. He always disappeared for 2 weeks, now I know why.

"Hey baby, whatcha doin?" He asked as he walked through my door.

"Nothing much," I said.

"Cool, want to go have some dinner?" He asked.

"Sure, but I have a quick question before we go." I said.

"Shoot, what do you want to know? And if you are asking where I have been for the last two weeks, I told you I just go to my parents to see them." He answered.

"Why didn't you tell me you were a werewolf?" I guess I caught him off guard because his mouth fell open and the only words he got out were. "Duhh, duhh, duhh!"

"Can I just tell you where I have been for the last two weeks?" He said trying to play it off.

"No!" I said sternly.

"How did you know I was a werewolf? I never showed any signs in front of you! NONE!" He asked.

"Hummm, let me think. Could it be that you bite me while having sex? ... No all men do that. Could it be you are very animal like in the bed room? ... No that's just human instinct. Could it be ever since you bit me I turned into a werewolf? ... Oh wait, bingo I think we have a winner!" I said sarcastically.

He was dumb founded again.

"Oh god Aurroara ... I never ... I mean ... This was never supposed to ... " He stammered out.

"I know and from what I read it is incurable. But I just need to know if there are places to go where I won't kill any people?" I asked.

He stared at me for quite some time.

"Wow, I have changed a lot of people in my time and you are the first to take it so well." He said.

If he only knew that for the first week I sat in my house, with the thought of killing myself. Why you might ask, did I not kill myself. A friend once told me "The world would come to an end if this much sexiness was taken out." As I sat there contemplating death I thought of that quote and how interesting it would be to have the strength of a hundred men and the sight and hearing of a wolf. It took me some talking to, to get me to realize, this wasn't a burden, it was a gift. I can make it and wield it into whatever I want. I am ... a werewolf/librarian.

"Hello, earth to Aurroara. You there?" He asked.

"Oh sorry. What can I say I move with the changes in my life. Now what do I do with it?" I asked him.

"Whatever you want! The country is the best place to go, when you change. A lot of animals and few people. And whenever you change back it is usually in the middle of a forest or field and no one sees all the blood on you. So buy a country home and go out there during a full moon!" He said.

"Dude I am a librarian, not a millionaire. I have problems paying next month's rent and I have shit for credit. I can't afford that." I said.

"Then take a change of clothes out to the country, park your car in the trees. When you change you will be in the country. When you change back you can walk to your car, use a wet nap to wipe yourself down and change clothes. Well what's left of your old ones. FYI try to get naked when you change it will save on your clothing bill!" He said.

We talked for hours about changing, sex and getting too attached to people. (This is not a good idea cause most humans can't deal with the idea of dating/mating with a werewolf.)

So now you know how it happened. Interesting to say the least. Me and Kevin still talk, but he moved to Paris for a while. Oh hang on a patron is here to check out some books be right back ...

"Sorry about that."

Anyway I work Tuesday nights 12(noon)-9pm. I work with Kalilia, Peter, Hellzone, and Cylia. As you know Kalilia is a humacorn. Peter Pot is an annoying little shit of a poltergeist. He is a clerk, but spends most of his time pushing books on top of little kids, tripping teenagers and pulling the wigs off old folks. Ya we have to apologize a lot for the things he does. Then when the people leave, we have one big laugh. So you could say he is our comic relief. (He is still an ass!!)

Hellzone is the security officer for our library. He is a Hellhound and an interesting breed of hellhound at that. His father was human and his mother was a hellhound. Hellzone got 95% hellhound and 5% human. He looks just like a big black dog that walks on two black hairy human legs. He spends most of his time barking orders to patrons and throwing them out when they disobey him.

Cylia is our page (the person who shelves the books). She is a Cyclops. She has very bad depth perception, but is super fast and great at her job. She can shelve books with the best of them.

I spend most of my Tuesday night cleaning up after Peter or listening to people complain that Hellzone kicked them out for no reason, or making sure Cylia doesn't run into the book shelf, knock it over and start a domino effect where it knocks all the book shelves over (every Librarians nightmare). Ya it's happened before. I do help the patrons who are too afraid to ask anyone else for help because they are not human or they see my co-workers as freaks. I sometimes just sit there and think, if they only knew the truth.

I used to be the only full human at the library until the incident. Now, I do believe I fit right in, rather well!!!!
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