Friday, November 15, 2013

catch up

So, it turned out that friday was my beloved Kaiba's birthday so i wore all black and a bright silver belt with my blue eyes shinning dragon in a case around my neck.I would have taken pictures but you'll see why i didn't in a sec.It turns out that Kaiba actually has a picture of Mokuba in a card-like locket.How cute is that???

Well, i was having a fine and dandy day until i went to the orthodontist.They decieded to give me rubber bands that go all the way from one back tooth, above my front teeth, and to my other back tooth.I have 2 of those and then another 2 from one tooth to the back on each side.I cried i was in so much pain.The worst part is, i'm supposed to wear them 24/7 and i can't really talk with them on which, if you haven't guessed, i do a lot.Plus, they seriously expected me to sing with them on until i told them it's literally impossible.

Yesterday i got up ridiculously early and took off my bands to go take an ACT.I was so tired and sore, that i wasn't really focusing but oddly enough, i finished the test all the way and i think i got a lot right so.I got a 28 the first time i took it so i'm trying to get something a little higher.

As soon as i got home, i finished making my Link costume and at 4, i had a party.It was pretty good and i hung out with my sister and her friends.Afterwords, we went to a 10:00 showing of Percy Jackson: the Sea of Monsters.I liked it as a movie and it's lucky i don't remember that book as well as i did the first.At least they made Annabeth's eyes more grey and Nathan Fillion is the best Hermes ever.

So that's why i've been gone.I'm too tired to take pictures but i'll probably take more pictures later.Imma watch some tv, play some pokemon, and relax for a while.Later guys
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