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Current Awareness Profile Matches

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1 .Virals / Kathy Reichs ; read by Cristin Milioti.

Reichs, Kathy

Milioti, Cristin, 1985-

Bath : AudioGO, p2013.

Summary: Tory Brennan is as fascinated by bones and dead bodies as her famous aunt, Tempe Brennan. One day she stumbles across a shallow grave containing the remains of a girl who has been missing for over 30 years.

2 .The good thief's guide to Berlin [sound recording] / Chris Ewan ; read by Simon Vance.

Ewan, Chris, 1976-

Vance, Simon

Bath : AudioGO, p2013.

Summary: Charlie Howard - mystery writer and professional burglar-for-hire - is back in the saddle, robbing the people of Berlin blind. But his larcenous binge is about to be interrupted by a call of duty.

3 .A passionate man [sound recording] / by Joanna Trollope ; read by Eleanor Bron.

Trollope, Joanna

Bron, Eleanor


Summary: Subject: Archie Logan, a country doctor and family man, is deeply attached to his eminent widowed father. When his father falls in love, his choice has a profound effect on all the Logans, adults and children alike.

4 .Flora and Grace [sound recording] / Maureen Lee ; read by Nerys Hughes.

Lee, Maureen

Hughes, Nerys

Completeread by Christian Rodska .

Forsyth, Frederick

Rodska, Christian


Summary: Subject: Sam McCready is The Deceiver, one of the Secret Intelligence Service's most unorthodox and most valued operatives, a legend in his own time. The end of the cold war has, however, strengthened the hand of the Whitehall mandarins, to whom he seems about as controllable as Genhis Khan, so Sam is to have his fate decided at a special hearing.As part of the proceedings, four of Sam's key operations are reviewed: a clandestine mission into East Germany in 1985 to contact the top Russian spy General Pankratin; the second involving a KGB colonel who wants to defect - but is he genuine? An audacious Qaddafi-inspired plot to ship arms to the IRA; and the fourth when McCready presided over the aftermath of political murder and mayhem in the Caribbean.

6 .Death of yesterday / by M.C. Beaton ; read by Graeme Malcolm.

Beaton, M. C, author

Malcolm, Graeme, narrator

Completeread by William Roberts.

Crais, Robert

Roberts, William, 1943-

Bath : AudioGO, p2013.

Summary: LAPD cop Scott James is not doing so well. 8 months ago, a late night assault by unidentified men killed his partner Stephanie, nearly killed him, and left him enraged, ashamed,read by Josh Cohen.

Ryan, Chris, 1961-, author

Cohen, Josh, narrator

Completeread by Hattie Morahan .

Chevalier, Tracy

Morahan, Hattie

Completeread by David Threlfall .

Rendell, Ruth

Threlfall, David

Completeread by Annie Hemingway.

Herne, Lily

Hemingway, Annie

CompleteGinger, a wise-cracking Brit; and handsome Ash, a former child soldier. Under their tutelage, Lele learns how to seriously destroy zombies and together they uncover the corruption endemic in Cape Town, and come to learn the sickening truth about the Guardians.

12 .The spin / Rebecca Lisle ; read by Daniel Pirrie.

Lisle, Rebecca, author

Pirrie, Daniel

Summary: Stormy is an orphan and a kitchen skivvy, who watches feasts make their way up the mountain while he survives on bread and water. A skivvy is all that Stormy can hope to be. But he has a secret. He wants to be a sky-rider, to soar amongst the clouds on spitfyres: flying horses that spit fire and smoke, and answer only to their riders. A chance meeting with an escaped convict turns Stormy's life upside down. Sent up to the Academy he uncovers a web of lies, deceits and neglect, at the centre of which lies the mysterious thirteenth horse.

13 .Katya's world / Jonathan L. Howard ; read by Annie Hemingway.

Howard, Jonathan L., author

Hemingway, Annie

Summary: The distant and unloved colony world of Russalka has no land, only the raging sea. No clear skies, only the endless storm clouds. Beneath the waves, the people live in pressurised environments and take what they need from the boundless ocean. Katya Kuriakova is making her first submarine voyage as crew, however; soon she will encounter pirates and war criminals, see death and tragedy at first hand, and realise that her world's future lies on the narrowest of knife edges. For in the crushing depths lies a sleeping monster, an abomination of unknown origin, and when it wakes, it will seek out and kill every single person on the planet.
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