Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 298: Expectations/Family Support

Today is a day when I'm having trouble deciding about a choice. (A NOT unusual circumstance, for me.)

The choice is the title of this blog post.

Should I call it "Expectations"?

Why would I want to call it that? Because in BOTH therapy groups I facilitated yesterday, the first theme that people noticed was "Expectations."(In one of the groups, the follow-up/shadow of expectations -- disappointment --was also immediately identified.)

That's kind of an amazing coincidence isn't it?Two totally different groups of people, and -- BAM! -- the first theme people identify is the same one.

The other title I was considering was "Family Support."

Why that title? For one thing, I received some photos from my sister this morning,which she took at the World Series game we attended, two nights ago.

My sister is a good photographer.For proof of that, here are some of the shots she sent me . And, if you read yesterday's post,"," you'll see that these photos are great support for the way I told the story about the game.

Photos of Carl Yastrzemski:

Photos of Wally the Green Monster:

Photos of some action on the field (the excellent Red Sox pitcher, Jon Lester):

As I prepare to end this blog post, things that feel unfinished:

* If any of my readers are wondering, "What's the deal with the beards?" here's an article about , from the Boston Globe.*

* I'm going to drag out something I haven't used here in a while -- the copyright symbol -- to protect my sister's fine photos.

* I've made my decision about the title of the post.


Thanks to my sister and Yaz (again), toJon Lester, to Green Monsters everywhere,to people sporting different types of facial hair, to deciders and non-deciders, and to you, of course, for reading today.

(c)2013Ellen Koplow (for photos), All Rights Reserved* I hope you can read that article, from the Boston Globe,no matter where or when you're reading this post. If not, you might have more luck with , from
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