Saturday, November 9, 2013

Favorite halloween tv episodes

Take a break from scary movies and watch some of the best Halloween TV episodes. Full of laughs, mystery, love and support with an odd event that occurs around Halloween.

ParenthoodSeason 2 - ep 6Orange alert

The officeSeason 8 - ep 5Spooked

Pretty little liarsSeason2 and 32; the first secret3; this is a dark ride

Don't trust the bSeason 2 - ep 2Love & monsters

Secret circleNot a Halloween themed episode but has the formula, an extra 30 minutes could have been a decent scary movie. Too bad this series didn't premiere fall of 2013. Witches are officially profitable this year with Withces of East End, American Horror Story: The Coven and the witches in The Originals and Vampire Diaries are the most intriguing part of both series.Season 1 - ep 8 Beneath

New girlSeason 2 - ep 6Halloween

Raising hopeSeason 1 - ep 5Happy halloween

30 rockSeason 6 ep- 7The tuxedo begins

Brother & sistersSeason 2 - ep 5Domestic issues

The leagueSeason 2 - ep 7Ghost monkey

All Hallows' eve!
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