Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Foxy Femme: Kristin Lorenz

KRISTIN LORENZ has a most enticing personality and she's destined to be a perennial turn-on on screen as well as in the public eye. Also the fact that she ended up reading through my blog for a good part of an hour and acknowledge me as a great writer means she's a darling in my book :) With the release of her horror movie "Primitive" on DVD, we will definitely get our eyes fixated on this saucy actress. She plays Nicole, the girlfriend of a Hollywood effects artist who somehow triggers the monster within after going for a hypnosis by one Dr. William Stein (Mr Phantasm himself Reggie Bannister). This might have been a horror role for KRISTIN but she's equally adept at comedy as can be seen in her appearance as a hooker auditioning for a movie part in the web series "Movie Star Idol". Watch the funny clip (above) as she brings a smile to our faces when she reveals her lady of the night status to the casting directors.

Despite her busy schedule, KRISTIN has so kindly given us a peek at her upcoming features. She just finished shooting a feature, 'The Burning World', a stylized surreal film about a man dealing with the death of his father in the same vein of the great work of auteur David Lynch. She affirms the director, Neil Corbin, has a way of filmmaking that's all his own which she hasn't encountered before which makes her really excited to see how it turns out.

'The Treehouse' is another film that wrapped in May and is still in post which she's enthused about. It's a arthouse dark comedy, which is different from what the fare she's normally stars in. She's worked with Royce Dudley, the DP, before, and she considers him pretty brilliant. Then in December, she's shooting a science fiction project which The director, Said Dibinga, doesn't want to reveal too much, but has said that 'it's a 'Logan's Run' themed four part story dealing with synthetics and memory.' With her taking on a range of different roles, viewers will get to see a different yet appealing incarnation each time which would pique our interest in the delectable KRISTIN even more!

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