Saturday, November 16, 2013

Frankenstein- 1931

Starring Boris Karloff, and Colin Clive, they play in the most horrifying story written by Mary Shelley. A mad scientist and a Igor creating something that brought from the dead to the undead.

After sewing together parts of old dead bodies, and when his hunchback assistant grabbed a abnormal brain, they gave the monster by turning light of shooting full of electricity high up in the sky as it was granted life. There was the most famous scene where "It's Alive!", when the monster came to life.

While testing the creature, it turned made when his Igor went nuts by giving him fire. After chaining him to the walls, his Igor was murdered by the monster as it was hanged!! When a friend of the doc, and himself injected it with sleeping potion, his father, Baron Frankenstein and Victor's fiancee came, they took him home while his friend can handle the rest.

During the operation, murdered he was as the monster was awoke. He was the only one in the castle, as he escaped. On that wedding that of Victor and Elizabeth, they were gonna get married until the monster came and frightened her. The monster even threw a little girl in the lake and drowned.

When a massive search was conducted for that creature, Victor Frankenstein and the monster challenged together as Victor was injured at an old windmill. In all of the classic scenes by Universal Pictures, and so much, the angry mob would trap the monster by burning the mill to the ground. That is classic.

There have been many remakes since that has happened. The one that was really a total triple "F" minus is the one in 1994 that starred Robert De Niro, Helena Bonham Carter, and Ian Holm. Why those guys?

This one made by Universal Pictures is the most classic of all the other versions!
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