Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grading The 4 Most Confusing ESPN Fantasy Football Projections For Week 9: Boykin, Dalton, Gonzalez, And Bryant

(Based on standard ESPN scoring)

Last week we ended up going 3-1 (though we'll only count two of our calls, on the grounds that ESPN eventually changed they're projection for Joseph Randle). So, 2-1 added to our season record brings us to 18-12. Not bad. Not great, but definitely reliable enough, so that if you see one of your guys on our list, you'd be well suited to take a look at our take. We're right way more than we're wrong. Here's how last week shook out

- Greg Jennings caught one pass for nine yards Sunday, and didn't end up with 110 yards like ESPN basically predicted. We called that.

- Jacquizz Rodgers went for one point, and only had two carries and receptions all day, with the majority of the work going to Steven Jackson. ESPN had him down for six. We thought he'd have another monster day. No dice.

- Kellen Clemens (whom we jokingly called the "NYJ QB" to accentuate how little we think of him) went for three points against the Seahawks, which was six less than ESPN's prediction of nine. Win for SportsGrid.

- Joseph Randle had been projected to go for 15 points until ESPN changed it to zero after learning what everyone already knew -- DeMarco Murray would play. We won't count this one, but we did call it before they did.

This week, we struggled to find as many duds as last week, but are confident these projections are wrong.
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