Friday, November 8, 2013

Guest Blogger: Tessa Dawn on Why She Loves Halloween!

is celebrating more than just Halloween today! She's also celebrating the release of her 5th book in theblood curse series,! But she's stopping by Book Bliss today to talk about my personal favorite holiday Halloween. So let's give her a warm welcome and be sure to comment with your favorite thing about Halloween!

Also, don't miss out on the release day party today on her

I love Halloween. I have always loved Halloween. There's just something about all the scary movies, creepy decorations, and kids dressed up like witches, goblins, and ghosts that says the holiday season has begun! But I think it's more than that. It's an opportunity to let our hair down, to embrace the monsters that lurk in our closets, to reveal the shadows that hide in our minds, and to tell the stories that live in our imaginations, while turn them into something we can embrace - perhaps even celebrate.

A good Dark Fantasy or Gothic Romance can do the same thing: act as a cathartic release for all the stress, fear, and unspoken desires we keep neatly tucked away in our metaphorical closets. After all, we live in a society that inundates us with bad news, endless warnings, and all the things we should look out for - or fear -- on a daily basis. Yet it rarely takes the time to balance this so-called "news" with fantasy, enchantment, or the infinite possibility of a dream. Kids know this. They live on the edge of possibility every day, suspending reality for the fantastical, stretching a story in favor of the delectable, brimming with enthusiasm over the smallest of events. Yet adults remain carefully composed as they go about their busy lives. Consumed by hectic routines and never-ending responsibility.

Until they pick up a good book - or get engrossed in a captivating movie.

And then they get to be who they really are, beneath all the obligation: young at heart. Children who still love to get dressed up and pretend and imagine.

Dreamers who still want to be swept away.

Maybe that's why I love to write Dark Fantasy - and to celebrate Halloween. Maybe that's why my readers love to get lost in the stories, too.
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