Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween theme episode in anime

Happy Halloween everyone

(if you are reading this the day after then happy day after halloween )

Hope you are enjoying your candy, snacks, or whatever you are enjoying.

While sitting here a though accured to me how come there aren't any halloween themed anime episode in anime?

We always get the obligitory chrismas episodeswhen it comes to anime. One could aruge that "well Halloween is a American thing i never heared of the Japanese Celebrating halloween"while others like me could easly call bullshit on that.

Halloween is an American holiday but there are other countries that do happen to celeibrate it as well as us they might not do the whole door to door trick or treat thing but the whole aspect of dressing up they do..

Back on topic, When it comes to anime How come we never get a halloween theme anime episode?

Cowboy bebop Knocking on heaven's door was centered around Halloween and the epic fight at the end took place during a big Halloween parade but that a MOVIE.What about shows? Hyouka had two characters dresses as pumpkins andcome in to the classroom where orieki was and said "Trick or Treat" before handing him a water gun but this was during the school festival.

We as otakus are forced to watch things like Hellsing utimate,The blood series(blood the last vampire, blood+ and the other blood movie i don't recommend blood-c)or any monster anime. I just want a anime with a halloween episode in it. Am i the only one?
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