Friday, November 15, 2013

Have A #SweetHalloween With Crest and Oral-B

Can you believe that Halloween is right around the corner!? October has always been one of my favorite months because there are so many activities we participate in and parties to attend. I have always been a strict mom when it comes to sweets, but I tend to slack off in October since it's a month dedicated to fun and sweets. However, when it comes to my girl's oral care, I am an over obsessive mama bear. I have experienced dental pain, and that can be some of the worst pain there is. I don't want my girls to have to suffer from pain due to tooth decay and poor hygiene. From the time they got their first tooth, I have set strict rules about caring for them. I believe that if you start early, the habit will always be with them.

We follow a few simple steps each day, and by sticking to these steps, both of my girls have remained cavity free!

*Brush twice a day.*Get in the habit of flossing before bed. *Rinse with an anti cavity mouth wash before bed.

In order to keep my girls excited about caring for their teeth, I get them involved in the products they use. They get to pick their own mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Remembering to floss was a challenge, until I came up with a great solution. Since we use liquid hand soap, their soap dish never gets used. I decided to fill it will floss picks that sit on the sink, right next to the toothbrush holder. Now, they see the flossers when they are putting their toothbrushes up, and it reminds them to floss.

As long as my girls stick with these tips, I don't worry so much about letting them indulge in a few extra sugary sweets this time of year.

Crest and Oral-B know that not receiving candy on Halloween is definitely a trick, not a treat. They want your little ones to enjoy the holiday treats, but also want you to remember they have wonderful product to keep those little fangs healthy!

Imagine a Halloween without sweet treats - we asked a group of young trick-or-treaters to try some healthy alternatives to traditional Halloween candy and the results were...scary.

Here's a better idea. Dig into Halloween candy and keep your teeth cavity-free with Crest toothpastes and Oral-B toothbrushes. Plus, visit your dentist to keep away the scariest monster of them all: tooth decay.

Check out this hilarious Halloween Treats Gone Wrong video!

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What do you do to keep your children's teeth in sparkling shape?

Disclosure- This post was created in partnership with Crest & Oral-B as part of the #SweetHalloween Program. I received no compensation for this post, however, I will receive Crest samples for my participation.
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