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Hey, Hey, We're The Monkees (And We're Not Beatle Rip-Offs)

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I had an idea so I thought I'd go with it.I'm going to talk about some old TV shows that I think are cool and great because that's a lot of what I've been doing.

I think I'll start with I Love Lucy, because Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are so great!Of course, Lucy is brilliantly funny!I sort of consider her show the precursor to That's So Raven because Lucy often gets herself in trouble that involved going to extreme lengths, often involving dressing up, only for things to sort-of work out, but they're always funny.The show is based around real life couple Lucy and Desi's characters, Lucy and Ricky, and their marriage, as well as their friends Ethel and Fred, and the strange, comical situations they end up in.Lucille Ball has a very expressive face, which often is what makes a situation even funnier!

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She's the iconic redhead of the '50s!Speaking of iconic, you'll often hear people make references to Desi's laugh and his trademark line "Luuuuucy."

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The second show I thought to mention is Three's Company, which if any of you watch That '70s Show, you'll see the characters mention it from time to time.It's another really funny show, but this time, it's about the unmarried and even scandalous.Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow, two friends sharing an apartment, decide to allow Jack Tripper to live with them, BUT the the owners of the apartment, Mr. and Mrs. Roper (later on replaced by Mr. Furley) won't allow it so they tell the Ropers that he's gay.Jack, however, is a huge ladies' man and hides any woman he does bring to the apartment, while being friendly but flirty with Janet and Chrissy.It's filled with comical misunderstandings, casual '70s Californian fashion, fluffy hair and, often, bralessness.

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The next show is almost out of vintage territory, but it started before the twenty-years-ago mark so, I'll talk about it.Roseanne is about a family living in the town of Lanford, Illinois.They're not extremely rich, but they get by.And they do so while using the family's hereditary sarcasm.Roseanne and Dan are basically parents trying to raise their kids, Becky, Darlene and DJ (and near the end of the series, her real life baby Jerry), while the kids rebel in their own separate ways, as kids do so that they might grow into their own person, all the while other family issues arise at different times.I think I really like the show because I really connected with Darlene as a character, sort of boyish and rebellious, what I was and what I wanted to be.Darlene is played by Sara Gilbert, who you can see on The Talk nowadays, and she also plays Leslie Winkle on the Big Bang Theory which reunited her with her Roseanne characters' boyfriends' actor, Johnny Galecki.Not to mention that the actress who plays Sheldon Cooper's mother played the Roseanne's sister Jackie, so Big Bang Theory is sort of like a Roseanne reunion!I think what I love about the show is how relateable some of the problems are on it!Because it's about parents, husbands and wives, but it's also about growing up, doing what's right and doing what's right for you, but it's also about making mistakes and learning.If you're a sarcasm fan though, I'd definitely give it a chance!

(Source: unsure)Characters left to right zig-zag: Mark (Becky's boyfriend), DJ, David (Darlene's boyfriend) Darlene, Leon (Roseanne's boss and friend) Roseanne, Beverly (Roseanne's mother), Dan, Jackie (Roseanne's sister), Becky

I think I'll end off with the Monkees, because it's my favourite.I know I know and like more shows, but they escape me for some reason.The idea for the Monkees was that it was supposed to sort of be The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night brought to television.For this reason, many people refuse the Monkees entirely, thinking the show is just going to be a sad attempted rip off of the Beatles, but it's really not.For example, if you tried to pinpoint, like in the Beatles, the cute one, the funny one, the smart one, and the quiet one, you can kind of do it, but many Monkees fans disagree often about which is supposed to match up with whichBeatle (only to realize it really doesn't matter).For my two cents, I think Mike Nesmith is closest to being the smart one, so he's John; Davy is quite obviously the cute one, Paul; Peter is closest to being the quiet one (although the term quiet applies well to Mike also, but Peter can't really be considered smart, so, for that reason he's stuck with the quiet one), George; and Micky is definitely the funniest of them, Ringo!The show is about a rock group trying to make ends meet by playing gigs and such, and getting into all sorts of strange situations which involve haunted houses, girl troubles, gangsters, spies, robbers, dance instructors, gypsies, a mad scientist and his monster, boxers, royalty, a fashion magazine,the police and more gangsters, a telephone answering service, movie idols, banditos, politicians, hillbillies, ballet dancers, bikers, pirates, cowboys, robbers in Las Vegas, a children's television show host, and occasionally involves one or more of them dressing in drag.Not to mention a tangle with the devil himself. (Oh, Peter!)Not to mention how the show went psychedelic in the 2nd season, which was shorter and wasn't as consistent with it's ability to cause laughter, but it still has its brilliant moments!Not to mention the songs, which range from corny '60s love songs to psychedelic freak outs, and fast-paced jazzy fun (I'm looking at you, Goin' Down) to rock 'n' roll.

Season 1

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So, thanks for reading if you made it this far.I do have something rather important to come out with soon, but I didn't feel like ranting today.I've been unwell and very tired.When I feel like ranting, I'll come back to write it out.

Have a happy Halloween, everyone!-Anna-Maria
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